It Is Important To Follow A Pest Control Professional Instructions

Pesticide application in a home or business should be handled with the greatest of care.  Many home and business owners have tried to take on the task of treating their own pest problems only to discover that the store bought pesticide were ineffective.  Some people who have tried pest control treatments on their own have done so incorrectly which has caused fires and have caused people and pets to become sick.  In some cases, people have released toxic fumes into the air which has made people seriously ill.

Click On Detroit reported on 5/5/12, that a resident of an apartment building called an exterminator to kill the bed bugs that were attacking each night.  Despite the instructions by the pest control expert which advised the tenant to not enter the apartment before the three hour wait time ended, the tenant did.  Entering the apartment early caused toxic gas to transfer down the hallways and into other apartment units.  Fire officials were soon called, and quickly determined the incident to be a hazmat situation!  You may read the article here.

Our “Insect Resource Guide” will provide you with valuable information and photographs of many different types of common pests that exterminators in Ocean County, NJ will be able to identify and provide professional treatment for.  Look for specific information about fleas, ants, ticks, bed bugs, cockroaches, yellow jackets, termites, stink bugs and so many more.  Our pest control technicians will be able to solve all of your pest problems by providing pest treatment to the inside and/or the outside of your home or business.  Contact us today.