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  • Bed Bugs And Rodents Prompt A Call For Stricter Legislation In Boston

    This weekend marks the annual move-in weekend for students attending college in Boston, Massachusetts.  As many of the remaining students moved out of their apartment units on Friday, city code inspectors used the time of open doors to descend on the city in mass and perform much needed inspections. According to Whdh.com on September 1, […]

  • Bed Bugs Take A Bite Out Of Federal Employees In Ohio

    When you go off to work, there are many things you may expect to encounter, but bed bugs are likely not one of them.  As the little vampires continue to spread, they have quietly infiltrated many businesses throughout the United States.  A survey that was conducted by the National Pest Management Association confirms that 40 […]

  • Bed Bug Infestations Make To 10 Complaint List of Consumers

    So what are the top 10 complaints that American’s have these days?  The cost of food or gas?  The upcoming Presidential race?  The lack of jobs that are available?  The costs associated with sending kids off to college?  All of these issues are certainly ones to be concerned about, but interestingly enough, they do not […]

  • Bed Bug DNA Tracking

    Deoxyribonucleic acid, otherwise known as DNA, contains the genetic makeup for all living things.  DNA contains codes that provide specific information at the cellular level.  DNA codes are analyzed for a variety of different reasons.  It is commonly used for testing genetics, diseases and for solving different types of crimes.  DNA is also used for […]

  • Bed Bugs In Libraries Spell Trouble For Bookworms

    Being an avid reader, libraries used to be a haven for me.  It was a place to find solace among the massive amount of interesting books.  Now my visits to our local library are a bit skewed and not quite as pleasant.  The realization that I just might find more than my favorite book at […]

  • Summertime Means Bed Bug Time!

    Its summertime which means that many people will be hitting the road for great summertime vacations.  Some will fly, some will cruise, some will hop a train, and some will travel by car to places near and far.  No matter where your destination is, you must always be on the lookout for the blood thirsty […]