Bed Bug Infestations Make To 10 Complaint List of Consumers

So what are the top 10 complaints that American’s have these days?  The cost of food or gas?  The upcoming Presidential race?  The lack of jobs that are available?  The costs associated with sending kids off to college?  All of these issues are certainly ones to be concerned about, but interestingly enough, they do not appear to be of major concern to the majority of Americans.

According to Inland New Today on August 9, 2012, a survey was conducted to determine what the top 10 consumer headaches were in the United States.  Their report states that the Consumer Federation of America and the North American Consumer Protection Investigators conducted a survey in 38 states from March of 2011 through May of 2012.  County and City consumer protection agencies in 22 states also participated in the survey.  The reports of consumer’s top 10 complaints include familiar issues that plague American families…one of which is tenant bed bug infestation problems!

Anyone who has a bed bug infestation problem faces difficult challenges in their quest to rid their home of the pests.  Tenants often have a more difficult time eradicating bed bugs for the following reasons…

• The tenant may not know what to do about the pests.

• The tenant may be afraid to tell their landlords about the bedbugs for fear of being evicted.

• Landlords may blame the tenants for the infestation and insist that they pay for bed bug treatment, even if state or county laws say otherwise.

• A tenant can comply with all of the guidelines to eliminate the pests, yet because of the shared walls in multi-unit housing, the bed bugs will simply come back and re-infest the apartment.

Under the best of circumstances, bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate for any type of home or business.  It does not surprise me that the little vampires made this top 10 list!