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The Comeback: Why Bed Bugs Are Resurfacing

Why are Bed Bugs Making a Comeback?
Why are Bed Bugs Making a Comeback?

Bed bugs seemed to disappear for decades, but they’ve made a big comeback in recent years. These pests are even finding ways to make it more difficult to eliminate them. Learn more about why Monmouth County pest control experts are dealing with more and more bed bug problems.


During the early to mid part of the 20th century, DDT was the main way to kill bed bugs. This chemical was banned during the 1970s due to safety concerns. Does this ban explain why bed bugs have come back? Banning DDT might have played a role, but it wasn’t the only factor.

Air Travel

Air travel is also cited as a possible reason for bed bugs returning and becoming more widespread. As more and more people flew around the world, these bugs were able to reach various locations.

Chemical Resistance

Bed bugs have adapted to common pesticides that have been used to treat them ever since DDT was banned. This resistance helps explain in part why bed bugs have made such a strong comeback. Experts have had to turn to other means of eliminating these bugs in order to stop them from spreading.

If you’re having a hard time dealing with a bed bug problem, Allison Pest Control can help. With our Monmouth County pest control services, your home can be rid of these pests so you can sleep peacefully again.

6 Steps You Can Take If You Think Your Home Has Been Invaded by Bed Bugs

Stay Safe From Invasive Insects
Stay Safe From Invasive Insects

What should you do if bed bugs manage to get inside your home? While there are certain steps you can take, make sure you also get help from professional Monmouth County pest control experts. Here are some other things you can do if bed bugs invade.

Make Sure You Have Bed Bugs

Other bugs can leave bites on you that resemble bed bug bites. Try to determine what type of bug has been biting you in case you’re not dealing with bed bugs.

Look for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small and have a reddish-brown color. They’re more oval when they’ve fed recently and flatter if they haven’t fed. You might find these bugs in tiny cracks and crevices throughout your home.

Call the Professionals

Don’t try to handle bed bugs on your own. Have professional bed bug technicians take care of these pests.

Learn About Treatment

Knowing what to expect from bed bug treatment can help you understand how it’s done and how you might need to prepare.

Check Items Closely

Check clothing and other items before bringing them into your home. Bed bugs can get into homes on backpacks and other items.

Clean Regularly

Vacuum and clean your home on a regular basis. This might help eliminate the occasional bed bugs that get in.

If you need professional Monmouth County pest control services for a bed bug problem, contact Allison Pest Control today.

Don’t Let Bed Bugs Hijack Your Spring Vacation Plans – What To Look Out For

Enjoying Spring and a Break From Work? Don't Let Bugs Move In.
Enjoying Spring and a Break From Work? Don’t Let Bugs Move In.

Bed bugs can lurk in almost any location, so it’s important to keep an eye out for them wherever you go. How can you make sure that bed bugs don’t come home with you when you’ve been out and about? The following tips can help you reduce your risk of having to get Monmouth County pest control services for a bed bug problem.

Check the Bed

If you’re staying in a hotel or other type of accommodation when you travel, always check the mattress, box spring, headboard and other parts of the bed first. Look for tiny, reddish-brown bugs, which might be hidden in crevices and other hidden areas. Let management know right away if you spot bed bugs, and demand another room.

Keep Luggage Off the Floor

Don’t set luggage right on the floor, since bed bugs can easily get into it. Instead, use a luggage rack if you have one available. You can also put your luggage in the bathtub to keep it safe from bed bugs. Always keep luggage closed when you’re not using it, no matter where you store it. You should also keep clothing inside your luggage rather than in dresser drawers.

If you have bed bugs crawling around your home, contact Allison Pest Control. Our experts can provide reliable Monmouth County pest control services to get these bugs out of your home.

Let’s Talk About The Bed Bug Stigma, And How Its Causing Bed Bugs To Spread

Not Sure Which is Which? We Can Help Clear That Up For You Here!
Not Sure Which is Which? We Can Help Clear That Up For You Here!

Bed bugs can quickly form a large infestation when they invade your home if you don’t get prompt bed bug control in Monmouth County. Unfortunately, the stigma that goes along with having a bed bug problem can make people less likely to get professional treatment.

Bed Bug Stigma

There’s a certain stigma associated with having a bed bug infestation. When you have these bugs in your home, people might assume that you have dirty surroundings. However, it’s important to note that bed bugs don’t care how clean or dirty your home is. These pests can be found in any home, and they’ve also been found in upscale commercial buildings, such as high-end hotels.

Failing to eliminate a bed bug infestation helps them spread throughout communities, so it’s important to have your home treated as soon as possible. Otherwise, these pests could invade other homes and buildings.

Bed Bug Treatment

Don’t let the stigma of having bed bugs stop you from getting prompt treatment. When you delay dealing with a bed bug infestation, these pests will turn into a large and very costly problem. Have professional pest control technicians check your home and get started on treatment quickly in order to prevent these pests from forming a more widespread infestation.

If your home needs bed bug control in Monmouth County, Allison Pest Control can help. Contact us for more information on our bed bug services.

So Bed Bugs Took Up Residence In the Office – What You Should Do

Don't Worry, We Have You Covered From Anything and Everything!
Don’t Worry, We Have You Covered From Anything and Everything!

Bed bugs are normally thought of as a problem for homeowners, since these pests tend to feed on people while they’re sleeping. However, these pests are able to establish infestations in places where people don’t sleep, such as office buildings. Learn more about what to do and when to get bed bug control in Monmouth County for an office infestation.

Get an Inspection Done

Are you sure that you’re dealing with bed bugs in your office? There are other bugs that closely resemble bed bugs or are commonly mistaken for them. Having professional pest control experts come to your office building means you can have an inspection done to determine if you do have a bed bug problem. Pest control experts know where to look for these pests and how to tell if you have a small or large infestation.

Discuss Treatment Options

How should bed bugs be handled in your office? After an inspection, discuss bed bug control options with pest control experts. These experts can recommend the right type of treatment or bed bug control method that should be used for your building. Leaving it to the experts means that you can count on having your bed bug problem taken care of properly and effectively.

If your office needs reliable bed bug control in Monmouth County, please give Allison Pest Control a call. Our technicians offer dependable commercial bed bug services in NJ.

Bed Bug Season Is Upon Us, Are You Prepared?

We are Monmouth County's Bed Bug Specialists!
We are Monmouth County’s Bed Bug Specialists!

Spring’s warmer weather means that you might have a higher chance of encountering bed bugs when you’re out and about. What can you do to reduce the risk of accidentally carrying these pests into your home? Taking the following precautions can help you avoid needing bed bug control in Monmouth County for an infestation.

Inspect Secondhand Furniture

If you’re buying used furniture or other items from stores, yard sales or other places, make sure you check them before bringing them into your home. These secondhand items could have bed bugs hiding in them. Bringing these items into your home means you’ll soon be dealing with a bed bug infestation.

Check Your Clothes and Bags

After being out in public, check your clothes for bed bugs. You can pick these pests up nearly anywhere and accidentally bring them into your home. You should also check any bags you bring home from stores for these pests.

Avoid Bed Bugs on Trips

If you’re traveling, check your hotel room for bed bugs right away. Keep suitcases closed, and store them on luggage racks or in the shower stall to lower the risk of bed bugs getting inside. Request another room if you find any of these pests in your room.

If you need bed bug control in Monmouth County, we’re here to help. Contact Allison Pest Control to get more information on our services.