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  • If You’re Travelling This Spring Break Here’s How To Avoid Bringing Back Bed Bugs As Souvenirs

    Don’t let bed bugs ruin your spring break. Keep in mind that you might accidentally bring these pests home with you if you travel. Use the following tips to avoid needing bed bug control in Monmouth County this spring. Inspect Mattresses If you’re staying in a hotel for spring break, inspect the mattress before settling […]

  • Winter Weather Drives Outdoor Pests Indoors

    While summer is certainly a busy time for the pest control in Monmouth NJ experts, things don’t slow down much in winter. That’s because winter weather, such as freezing temperatures and snowstorms, cause pests that normally stay outside to find shelter indoors. Rodent Pests Rats, mice and other rodents normally live outdoors, but they’re going […]

  • How to Bedbug-Proof Your New Jersey Home

    Bed bugs can give you trouble, even in the cold winter months. Don’t let these small bloodsucking pests make you and your family miserable. Instead, take this advice from our Ocean County pest control experts to keep your home free of bed bugs. Protect Beds You can protect beds in your home by covering them […]

  • Bed Bugs: a Year Round Problem for NJ Businesses and Residents

    Bed bugs are getting to be more of a problem for homeowners and business owners in NJ. Unlike mosquitoes and other seasonal pests, bed bugs don’t take a break from infesting buildings and biting people. Our NJ bed bug specialists want NJ residents and business owners to know as much about these insects as possible. […]

  • Symptoms of Chagas Disease – Transmitted by Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are more than just a nuisance in your NJ home. Bites from these bugs could end up putting you and your family at risk of getting Chagas disease. Certain types of bed bugs can spread this illness, so it’s important to recognize symptoms of it and hire NJ pest control services to eliminate […]

  • Penn State ID’s Parasite Carried by Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are known for their bites, which cause redness and itching in many people. However, they could cause much more serious problems for some people. Researchers at Penn State have learned that bed bugs are linked to the potentially deadly Chagas disease. That gives you one more reason to call our Mommouth County pest […]