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If You’re Travelling This Spring Break Here’s How To Avoid Bringing Back Bed Bugs As Souvenirs

Travel Smart and Check Your Room for Bed Bugs!
Travel Smart and Check Your Room for Bed Bugs!

Don’t let bed bugs ruin your spring break. Keep in mind that you might accidentally bring these pests home with you if you travel. Use the following tips to avoid needing bed bug control in Monmouth County this spring.

Inspect Mattresses

If you’re staying in a hotel for spring break, inspect the mattress before settling into your room. Lift it up to check underneath, and look for signs of bed bugs along the edges of the box springs. Let hotel management know right away if you find any of these pests in your room.

Check the Headboard

Check this part of the bed for bed bugs as well. They could be lurking in the holes where the headboard attaches to the bed. Look in all crevices and other tiny areas for bed bugs in the headboard, since these pests are able to fit into the smallest places.

Avoid Using Dressers

Bed bugs can lurk inside dressers in hotel rooms. Don’t unpack your suitcase when you stay in a hotel. Instead, keep your clothes in your luggage, and store your suitcases off the floor or in the bathroom. Put your dirty clothes in a plastic bag instead of leaving them on the floor where bed bugs can find them.

If you need bed bug control in Monmouth County, contact Allison Pest Control. Our technicians can eliminate bed bugs from your NJ home.

Winter Weather Drives Outdoor Pests Indoors

Allison Pest Control You Monmouth County Exterminator
Allison Pest Control Your Monmouth County Exterminator

While summer is certainly a busy time for the pest control in Monmouth NJ experts, things don’t slow down much in winter. That’s because winter weather, such as freezing temperatures and snowstorms, cause pests that normally stay outside to find shelter indoors.

Rodent Pests

Rats, mice and other rodents normally live outdoors, but they’re going to try to find ways into your home during winter to escape the cold and snow. Mice are good at squeezing in through small gaps and cracks, while rats can chew their way inside. These rodents can cause potential health problems for you and your family if you’re exposed to their urine or feces. They can also cause fire hazards if they chew through wiring, so it’s important to have infestations handled promptly.

Insect Pests

Some species of insects make their home indoors during winter if they’re able to. Your home provides them with shelter, warmth and in some cases a source of food. Insects that typically head indoors during winter include stink bugs, cluster flies, boxelder bugs and Asian lady beetles. You might not see these bugs until spring when temperatures get warm again, but you can prevent them from getting in by sealing up gaps and other openings.

Don’t let outdoor pests make their home indoors in your NJ house. Contact Allison Pest Control to find out how our pest control Monmouth NJ services can help you this winter.

How to Bedbug-Proof Your New Jersey Home

Think You Have Bed Bugs? Dig Deeper to Be Sure.
Think You Have Bed Bugs? Dig Deeper to Be Sure.

Bed bugs can give you trouble, even in the cold winter months. Don’t let these small bloodsucking pests make you and your family miserable. Instead, take this advice from our Ocean County pest control experts to keep your home free of bed bugs.

Protect Beds

You can protect beds in your home by covering them with bed bug box spring encasements and mattress covers. These coverings help reduce the risk of having bed bugs, which is especially important if you live in an area that has a high amount of bed bug activity.

Inspect Used Products

If you plan on buying secondhand items, make sure you look closely at them before the purchase. Bed bugs from other homes can be hiding on these items.

Wash All Items After Traveling

If you’ll be traveling this season, throw everything into the washing machine when you get home. Even if you have clean clothes, it’s a good idea to wash them after a trip just to be safe.

Check Your Coats

When you go out, check your coat before putting it on and when you return home. Bed bugs could be crawling on your coat from the places you visit.

If you run into bed bug problems in your NJ home, count on our Ocean County pest control experts for help. Call Allison Pest Control for more information on our bed bug control services.

Bed Bugs: a Year Round Problem for NJ Businesses and Residents

We are Monmouth County's Bed Bug Specialists!
We are Monmouth County’s Bed Bug Specialists!

Bed bugs are getting to be more of a problem for homeowners and business owners in NJ. Unlike mosquitoes and other seasonal pests, bed bugs don’t take a break from infesting buildings and biting people. Our NJ bed bug specialists want NJ residents and business owners to know as much about these insects as possible.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

These pests are very small and have a reddish-brown color. They have flat bodies before they feed and more rounded bodies after feeding. Bed bugs don’t have wings, and they’re unable to jump from place to place. However, they can easily get around by crawling onto different surfaces and keeping themselves hidden.

How Do Bed Bugs Behave?

Bed bugs typically feed on human blood at night, which is why they’re so often seen on beds and in bedrooms in general. However, these bugs can also come out to feed in many other locations, including office buildings, movie theaters, libraries and other public places.

How Do I Know if I Have Bed Bugs?

You might notice bite marks on your body or dark specks or spots on bedding from their feces. It’s important to have suspected infestations checked out and treated promptly.

If your home or business has been hit by bed bugs, count on the experts at Allison Pest Control for help. Our NJ bed bug specialists have the knowledge, training and equipment needed.

Symptoms of Chagas Disease – Transmitted by Bed Bugs

Doctor's Search For Answers on Chagus Disease
Doctors Search For Answers on Chagas Disease

Bed bugs are more than just a nuisance in your NJ home. Bites from these bugs could end up putting you and your family at risk of getting Chagas disease. Certain types of bed bugs can spread this illness, so it’s important to recognize symptoms of it and hire NJ pest control services to eliminate these pests.

Symptoms of Acute Chagas Disease

Some cases of Chagas disease are acute, but short-term. These cases usually come on suddenly and don’t last very long, although they require treatment to prevent complications. Acute symptoms include swelling near the bite site, fever, rash, fatigue, headaches, appetite loss, body aches, nausea and vomiting. You might also have diarrhea and swollen eyelids. Your liver or spleen might also become larger during this infection. If you have any symptoms, see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Chronic Chagas Disease

When you have chronic, or long-term, Chagas disease, you might have symptoms 10 to 20 years after you’re first infected. If you have a serious case, you might experience an irregular heartbeat, trouble swallowing, and abdominal pain. Immediate treatment is needed for severe cases.

If you have a bed bug problem in your home, contact Allison Pest Control today for help. Our NJ pest control services can keep you and your family safe from Chagas disease and other bed bug health problems.

Penn State ID’s Parasite Carried by Bed Bugs

We are Monmouth County's Bed Bug Specialists!
We are Monmouth County’s Bed Bug Specialists!

Bed bugs are known for their bites, which cause redness and itching in many people. However, they could cause much more serious problems for some people. Researchers at Penn State have learned that bed bugs are linked to the potentially deadly Chagas disease. That gives you one more reason to call our Mommouth County pest control company for help if you have these pests.

Chagas Disease

Chagas disease is a serious illness that mainly occurs in Latin American countries. However, this disease has been seen in the US in recent years. Chagas disease is usually spread by the kissing bug, a cousin to bed bugs. The kissing bug deposits contaminated feces after feeding on people, which can lead to an infection. Tiny parasites are responsible for causing these infections, and researchers have discovered that bed bugs might be able to transmit these parasites too.

Deadly Parasites

The parasites that cause Chagas disease have been found in some bed bugs that feed on infected hosts. Researchers tested this with mice and found that bed bugs were able to transmit these parasites, although they’re not sure how much of a threat this is in the US at this time. More research into this is needed.

Don’t give bed bugs a chance to make you sick. Give Allison Pest Control a call, and our Mommouth County pest control company will get rid of them for you.