If You’re Travelling This Spring Break Here’s How To Avoid Bringing Back Bed Bugs As Souvenirs

Travel Smart and Check Your Room for Bed Bugs!
Travel Smart and Check Your Room for Bed Bugs!

Don’t let bed bugs ruin your spring break. Keep in mind that you might accidentally bring these pests home with you if you travel. Use the following tips to avoid needing bed bug control in Monmouth County this spring.

Inspect Mattresses

If you’re staying in a hotel for spring break, inspect the mattress before settling into your room. Lift it up to check underneath, and look for signs of bed bugs along the edges of the box springs. Let hotel management know right away if you find any of these pests in your room.

Check the Headboard

Check this part of the bed for bed bugs as well. They could be lurking in the holes where the headboard attaches to the bed. Look in all crevices and other tiny areas for bed bugs in the headboard, since these pests are able to fit into the smallest places.

Avoid Using Dressers

Bed bugs can lurk inside dressers in hotel rooms. Don’t unpack your suitcase when you stay in a hotel. Instead, keep your clothes in your luggage, and store your suitcases off the floor or in the bathroom. Put your dirty clothes in a plastic bag instead of leaving them on the floor where bed bugs can find them.

If you need bed bug control in Monmouth County, contact Allison Pest Control. Our technicians can eliminate bed bugs from your NJ home.