Penn State ID’s Parasite Carried by Bed Bugs

We are Monmouth County's Bed Bug Specialists!
We are Monmouth County’s Bed Bug Specialists!

Bed bugs are known for their bites, which cause redness and itching in many people. However, they could cause much more serious problems for some people. Researchers at Penn State have learned that bed bugs are linked to the potentially deadly Chagas disease. That gives you one more reason to call our Mommouth County pest control company for help if you have these pests.

Chagas Disease

Chagas disease is a serious illness that mainly occurs in Latin American countries. However, this disease has been seen in the US in recent years. Chagas disease is usually spread by the kissing bug, a cousin to bed bugs. The kissing bug deposits contaminated feces after feeding on people, which can lead to an infection. Tiny parasites are responsible for causing these infections, and researchers have discovered that bed bugs might be able to transmit these parasites too.

Deadly Parasites

The parasites that cause Chagas disease have been found in some bed bugs that feed on infected hosts. Researchers tested this with mice and found that bed bugs were able to transmit these parasites, although they’re not sure how much of a threat this is in the US at this time. More research into this is needed.

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