How to Bedbug-Proof Your New Jersey Home

Think You Have Bed Bugs? Dig Deeper to Be Sure.
Think You Have Bed Bugs? Dig Deeper to Be Sure.

Bed bugs can give you trouble, even in the cold winter months. Don’t let these small bloodsucking pests make you and your family miserable. Instead, take this advice from our Ocean County pest control experts to keep your home free of bed bugs.

Protect Beds

You can protect beds in your home by covering them with bed bug box spring encasements and mattress covers. These coverings help reduce the risk of having bed bugs, which is especially important if you live in an area that has a high amount of bed bug activity.

Inspect Used Products

If you plan on buying secondhand items, make sure you look closely at them before the purchase. Bed bugs from other homes can be hiding on these items.

Wash All Items After Traveling

If you’ll be traveling this season, throw everything into the washing machine when you get home. Even if you have clean clothes, it’s a good idea to wash them after a trip just to be safe.

Check Your Coats

When you go out, check your coat before putting it on and when you return home. Bed bugs could be crawling on your coat from the places you visit.

If you run into bed bug problems in your NJ home, count on our Ocean County pest control experts for help. Call Allison Pest Control for more information on our bed bug control services.