Bed Bugs Take A Bite Out Of Federal Employees In Ohio

When you go off to work, there are many things you may expect to encounter, but bed bugs are likely not one of them.  As the little vampires continue to spread, they have quietly infiltrated many businesses throughout the United States.  A survey that was conducted by the National Pest Management Association confirms that 40 percent of pest control professionals treated bed bugs in 2011.

Residents in Ohio have been plagued with bed bug infestations for the past few years.  According to Terminix, the State of Ohio has 3 cities listed in the top 15 most bed bugs infested cities in the United States.  Cleveland is sitting in the number 15 spot.

According to on August 17, 2012, employees at the Federal Building in Cleveland, Ohio now have some unwelcome tenants in the building.   Bed bugs have found their way into the building!  They did not walk or fly into the building, or arrive in a shipping box as other types of pests would do.  Instead the bed bugs had to have hitched a ride by an employee (s) or a guest who was visiting the building.  They come in shoes, laptops, sleeves or pant cuffs of clothing, and purses. Even an unattended lunchbox from a bed bug infested home can harbor the pests.

Susan Jones, an entomologist and bed bug expert at Ohio State University, is quoted as saying “”Unfortunately this is becoming more and more common, and it’s a reflection of the fact that bed bug occurrence in the community is at a very high level.”

Workers should be on high alert for bed bug sightings in the workplace.  They should notify management at the first sign of the bloodsuckers report pest control professionals in Ocean County, NJ.