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  • The Comeback: Why Bed Bugs Are Resurfacing

    Bed bugs seemed to disappear for decades, but they’ve made a big comeback in recent years. These pests are even finding ways to make it more difficult to eliminate them. Learn more about why Monmouth County pest control experts are dealing with more and more bed bug problems. Pesticides During the early to mid part […]

  • 6 Steps You Can Take If You Think Your Home Has Been Invaded by Bed Bugs

    What should you do if bed bugs manage to get inside your home? While there are certain steps you can take, make sure you also get help from professional Monmouth County pest control experts. Here are some other things you can do if bed bugs invade. Make Sure You Have Bed Bugs Other bugs can […]

  • Don’t Let Bed Bugs Hijack Your Spring Vacation Plans – What To Look Out For

    Bed bugs can lurk in almost any location, so it’s important to keep an eye out for them wherever you go. How can you make sure that bed bugs don’t come home with you when you’ve been out and about? The following tips can help you reduce your risk of having to get Monmouth County […]

  • Bed Bugs Move to the Number 2 Spot for Insurance Claims

    Bed bugs can leave itchy welts and force homeowners to get rid of belongings in an effort to eliminate these pests. That’s not the only trouble bed bugs cause. They’re among the leading drivers of liability insurance claims. Second Place Bed bugs have risen to the number two spot for the top animal-related liability insurance […]

  • It’s Best to Discover Bed Bug Problems at Low Activity Levels

    Catching a bed bug infestation early makes it easier to completely eliminate them with NJ pest control services. This involves being able to detect low-level bed bug activity, which can be difficult to do. Keep these tips in mind, so you can catch bed bug infestations as early as possible. Use Bed Bug Monitors or […]

  • University Bed Bug Researchers Encourage in-Lab Bed Bug Bites for Study

    It’s common for pest control companies in New Jersey to be called for help with bed bug problems. These pests have been on the rise in recent years in the NJ and NYC area. In order to deal with them effectively, it’s crucial for researchers to know as much about them as possible. Bed Bug […]