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  • Are They Ants or Are They Termites? How to Tell The Difference

    Knowing the difference between ants and termites is important when you see them in your home. While you’ll need Monmouth County pest control for either one, keep in mind that termites can cause a significant amount of damage to your home over time. Comparing the following can help you determine if you have ants or […]

  • What Kinds of Termites Live in New Jersey?

    If you find termites, then it’s important to get help right away with professional Monmouth County termite control services. Although any type of termite can cause major damage to homes, only certain kinds are found in NJ. Which types of termites might you have a problem with in your home? Subterranean Termites Subterranean termites are […]

  • Do You Have Termites? Here’s How To Find Out

    Finding termite problems early means you can get Monmouth County termite control done right away. Prompt treatment helps lower your home’s risk of serious termite damage. Learn more about how you can identify signs of termite damage. Structural Damage The main problem with termites is their appetite for cellulose, which is found in wood. These […]

  • Do You Know the Early Signs of a Termite Infestation?

    When it comes to repairs to your home, one issue can be attributed to a tiny insect – termites. These pests have a voracious appetite for wood that can lead to major problems and leave you with costly repairs. Signs of Termites There are several telltale signs that your home has termites setting up residence […]

  • Interesting Insect Facts: The Evolution and History of Termites

    Termites are among the most dreaded pests that homeowners deal with. These wood-eating insects are one of the top reasons for hiring Monmouth County pest control services. Despite the trouble they cause, though, termites are actually fascinating bugs. Termite History Researchers haven’t fully determined just how long termites have been around. Some termite fossils date […]

  • I Know Flying Carpenter Ants Are Not Termites, But Should I Still Be Concerned?

    Termites are one of the top reasons for homeowners to call pest control companies in New Jersey, but in some cases, these pests turn out to be carpenter ants instead. Carpenter ants and termites have several characteristics in common, so it’s easy to confuse the two. If you end up with carpenter ants instead of […]