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  • The Worst of the Summertime Pests Get Worse with Global Warming

    The summer months keep pest control companies in Freehold busy, as more insect pests tend to be around causing problems for homeowners. With increasing temperatures, thanks to global warming, more and more of these bugs are expected to be out and about. There are two summer bugs that you should worry about the most as […]

  • New Disease Transmitted By Deer Tick Found In New Jersey Part 1 Of 2

    Many people believe that they are safe from bloodsucking pests during the colder months in New Jersey as they are not typically creeping around waiting to bite their next victim. Mosquitos are not typically seen during the winter or early springtime as they cannot withstand the freezing temperatures in New Jersey.  A few warm days […]

  • It Is Important To Follow A Pest Control Professional Instructions

    Pesticide application in a home or business should be handled with the greatest of care.  Many home and business owners have tried to take on the task of treating their own pest problems only to discover that the store bought pesticide were ineffective.  Some people who have tried pest control treatments on their own have […]

  • How to Remove A Tick

    Springtime is here and in a blink of an eye the summer travel season will be among us.  Did you know that in every part of the United States there is a chance of encountering some species of tick?  In some areas, there are several species that you must keep a lookout for. Ticks are […]

  • Pest Concerns Are High Across The United States

    During the winter months it’s easy to believe that our homes are pest free.  The winter months are only a brief reprieve from most home invading pests.  As the spring arrives, so do a multitude of annoying and dangerous home and property invaders.  It is no surprise that the warmer winter weather has sparked an […]

  • Ticks And Lyme Disease Are Dangerous For All Ages

    The black legged tick is a troublesome pest in many areas in the United States, especially the Northeast report pest control professionals in Monmouth County, NJ.  These freeloading bloodsuckers are responsible for spreading Lyme disease as they jump from host to host.  Black legged ticks, otherwise known as deer ticks, are opportunist feeders.  They lie […]