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  • Warm and Wet the Right Combination for a Plague of Fleas

    Feeling itchy? The problem might not be mosquitos, but rather a summer infestation of fleas. With warmth and humidity in the air, fleas become hyperactive. They reproduce more quickly, swarm yards and dog parks, and quickly create a filthy nuisance once they get inside your home. Summer calls for careful monitoring of pets that may […]

  • Is It Winter Itch Or Fleas Attacking You and Your Pets?

    As with humans, pets too can suffer from skin problems during the winter months due to the cold and dry air that they encounter.  Many people do not realize that there could be another reason that their own skin and that of their pet’s skin can be red, irritated and itchy. Despite the cold New […]

  • Fleas and Ticks – a Year Round Threat

    Many people think that when the weather becomes cold that all insects die off until the spring.  While this may be true with some types of insects, other pests are still a threat report Monmouth County NJ exterminators. Fleas Fleas can hitch a ride on pets inside of homes.  Flea pupa (eggs) remains well hidden […]

  • Fleas — A Year Round Fight!

    Owning dogs and cats means that your home is subject to a flea infestation at any given time.  A trip to the veterinarian, romping through backyard, or a daily walk can bring bloodsucking fleas onto your animal.  Fleas however are very resourceful hitchhiking creatures.  A visit to a friend’s house that has fleas or even […]

  • The Never Ending Battle With NJ Fleas Part 2 Of 2

    Continuing from Friday… Fleas do not fly, but they are excellent jumpers.  They are known to jump 13 inches vertically and 7 inches horizontally.  Converting that to human terms, it is the equivalent of a human jumping 450 feet horizontally and 250 vertically.  Fleas have a limited sense of smell so they must rely on […]

  • The Never Ending Battle With NJ Fleas Part 1 Of 2

    There are many types of insects that feed upon the blood of humans and animals.  One such bug is the flea.  If these pests happen to enter your home, they make eradication of the bloodsuckers extremely difficult report Monmouth County, NJ exterminators. As many people have been returning from their summertime vacations they have been surprised […]