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Rising Temperatures Mean Cockroaches Take Flight: What To Know About This Winged Menace

Cockroaches are Coming Out to Play!
Cockroaches are Coming Out to Play!

With warmer weather on the way this spring, it’s important to keep in mind that heat and humidity could bring flying cockroaches around. While cockroaches are a common sight throughout NJ, they usually scurry along surfaces. Heat and humidity lead to an increased risk of having cockroaches fly around instead.

Why Cockroaches Fly

Cockroaches have wings, but they tend not to use them much on a normal basis. When the weather gets hotter and more humid, these bugs do end up flying around more often. Doing so makes it easy for them to get to other places. You might spot these cockroaches gliding around outside your home or inside if they’ve found a way in. You’ll need roach control in Monmouth County if you have these pests around.

Cockroach Prevention Tips

What can you do to avoid having to deal with flying cockroaches? Cockroaches are drawn to humid places inside homes, so fixing leaks helps keep them at bay. Sealing up tiny gaps around your home and storing food in tight containers are other ways to prevent cockroaches from sticking around. You should also empty your garbage on a regular basis, since bits of food inside it could attract more of these flying bugs.

If you need roach control in Monmouth County, please contact Allison Pest Control as soon as possible. We can eradicate these disease-carrying pests from your home!

Pollen Might Not Be The Only Thing To Blame For Your Spring Allergies

 Pollen Might Not Be The Only Thing To Blame For Your Spring Allergies
Pollen Might Not Be The Only Thing To Blame For Your Spring Allergies

Having cockroaches in your home is a health hazard. These bugs spread germs around that could make you sick, but do they also spread allergens? Learn more about why you might need roach control in Monmouth County right away for a cockroach problem.

Cockroaches and Spring Allergies

Do you typically start sneezing and having other allergy symptoms in spring? While pollen from outdoors can cause this, roaches inside your home can also be to blame. Cockroaches leave their saliva, oils and other substances around that could trigger allergic reactions in some individuals.

When you have cockroach allergies, you might experience coughing and sneezing or develop a rash. If you have asthma, you might also develop breathing problems caused by these pests.

Handling a Cockroach Problem in Spring

If you suspect that your allergies are from cockroaches or if you see these pests in your home, you’ll need prompt pest control. Cockroach infestations can become severe in some homes, which can make your health problems worse.

Professional pest control technicians can find out where cockroaches are coming from and use the right solution for getting them out of your home. Keep in mind that eliminating food and water sources around your home and sealing up gaps can help prevent a problem form occurring.

If you need roach control in Monmouth County, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our experienced technicians can eliminate cockroaches from your home.

Ready to Chow Down on Food Made from High Protein Insects?

High Protein Insects May be Food Soon
High Protein Insects May be Food Soon

Bugs are usually something you call the pest control at Toms River NJ experts for help with, but they could also end up being part of your diet one day. Why are insects being considered for food sources?

Plenty of Protein

Although the thought of chowing down on bugs might seem gross, these insects have been found to have high levels of protein. That’s what your body needs in order to stay strong and healthy. Scientists are exploring the possibility of turning insects into high-protein sources of food to combat hunger in certain areas or to make up for food shortages that could occur in the near future. With populations continuing to grow, this could occur sooner than you think.

Not so New

People in some parts of the world eat bugs as a normal part of their diet. In fact, some regions consider certain types of bugs prepared specific ways to be a delicacy. Bugs provide these communities with protein when it’s not available in other forms.

It’s uncommon in the U.S. to eat insects, so this is odd to most of us in NJ. While bugs aren’t part of a normal diet here, that could end up changing down the road.

If you have bug problems in your home, call Allison Pest Control. Our pest control Toms River NJ experts can get rid of these pests from your home and keep them away.

Winter Weather Drives Outdoor Pests Indoors

Allison Pest Control You Monmouth County Exterminator
Allison Pest Control Your Monmouth County Exterminator

While summer is certainly a busy time for the pest control in Monmouth NJ experts, things don’t slow down much in winter. That’s because winter weather, such as freezing temperatures and snowstorms, cause pests that normally stay outside to find shelter indoors.

Rodent Pests

Rats, mice and other rodents normally live outdoors, but they’re going to try to find ways into your home during winter to escape the cold and snow. Mice are good at squeezing in through small gaps and cracks, while rats can chew their way inside. These rodents can cause potential health problems for you and your family if you’re exposed to their urine or feces. They can also cause fire hazards if they chew through wiring, so it’s important to have infestations handled promptly.

Insect Pests

Some species of insects make their home indoors during winter if they’re able to. Your home provides them with shelter, warmth and in some cases a source of food. Insects that typically head indoors during winter include stink bugs, cluster flies, boxelder bugs and Asian lady beetles. You might not see these bugs until spring when temperatures get warm again, but you can prevent them from getting in by sealing up gaps and other openings.

Don’t let outdoor pests make their home indoors in your NJ house. Contact Allison Pest Control to find out how our pest control Monmouth NJ services can help you this winter.

Cockroach Infestations on Two Chinese Flights Make the News

Who Wants to See Cockroaches on Their Flight?
Who Wants to See Cockroaches on Their Flight?

Cockroaches are no strangers to NJ residents and pest control Toms River NJ technicians, but you don’t usually find them on airplanes. Unfortunately, passengers on two different international flights had to deal with these pests on board.

Cockroaches in Coach

Passengers on flights to Kunming, China ended up sharing space with over 100 German cockroaches. Although officials haven’t said where these flights originated, one plane is believed to belong to a Chinese airline. After finding these bugs, pest control technicians were brought on board to get rid of them, which involved fumigating the bathrooms, cabin, cargo hold and catering area.

The cockroaches will be checked for pathogens to make sure that they’re not at risk of bringing diseases back to China. The airlines were ordered to make sure their planes are kept as clean as possible to prevent these bugs from coming on board again.

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are a common type of cockroach found right here in NJ. These roaches are smaller than their cousins, the Oriental cockroach and the American cockroach, and they’re light brown in color. You might see these bugs running around in search of food and water in or around your home or business.

If you have cockroaches scurrying around your property, contact Allison Pest Control today. We offer effective pest control in Toms River NJ to rid your place of these disease-carrying pests.

Why Winter Matters When It Comes to Spring, Summer and Fall Insect Populations

The Severity of a Winter Impacts Pest Numbers
The Severity of a Winter Impacts Pest Numbers in the Spring, Summer, and Fall

The type of weather NJ has in certain seasons can increase the presence of some types of pests during other seasons. Winters in NJ help determine how much of a problem certain pests will be during spring, summer and fall.

Warm, Dry Winters Mean Trouble

NJ had a winter that was drier and warmer than usual. Although this might seem like good news for NJ residents, it means that cockroaches, mosquitoes and ticks will have a greater presence during the rest of the year. These warmer temperatures make it easier for these pests to survive and thrive.

When combined with spring and summer storms and showers, this creates an ideal environment for these pests to reproduce and invade homes and yards. Since all of these pests can spread disease, it’s crucial for homeowners to take steps to prevent infestations.

Pest Prevention in NJ

You can lower your risk of needing NJ pest control services for cockroaches, mosquitoes and ticks by making it harder for them to reproduce and find their way indoors. This includes removing standing water from your yard, which helps cut down on mosquito reproduction.

You should also seal up gaps around doors and windows and wear insect repellent when you’re out in your yard if you have ticks and mosquitoes around.

Having problems with ticks, mosquitoes or cockroaches? Contact Allison Pest Control to get more information on our NJ pest control services.