Rising Temperatures Mean Cockroaches Take Flight: What To Know About This Winged Menace

Cockroaches are Coming Out to Play!
Cockroaches are Coming Out to Play!

With warmer weather on the way this spring, it’s important to keep in mind that heat and humidity could bring flying cockroaches around. While cockroaches are a common sight throughout NJ, they usually scurry along surfaces. Heat and humidity lead to an increased risk of having cockroaches fly around instead.

Why Cockroaches Fly

Cockroaches have wings, but they tend not to use them much on a normal basis. When the weather gets hotter and more humid, these bugs do end up flying around more often. Doing so makes it easy for them to get to other places. You might spot these cockroaches gliding around outside your home or inside if they’ve found a way in. You’ll need roach control in Monmouth County if you have these pests around.

Cockroach Prevention Tips

What can you do to avoid having to deal with flying cockroaches? Cockroaches are drawn to humid places inside homes, so fixing leaks helps keep them at bay. Sealing up tiny gaps around your home and storing food in tight containers are other ways to prevent cockroaches from sticking around. You should also empty your garbage on a regular basis, since bits of food inside it could attract more of these flying bugs.

If you need roach control in Monmouth County, please contact Allison Pest Control as soon as possible. We can eradicate these disease-carrying pests from your home!