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  • Why Winter Matters When It Comes to Spring, Summer and Fall Insect Populations

    The type of weather NJ has in certain seasons can increase the presence of some types of pests during other seasons. Winters in NJ help determine how much of a problem certain pests will be during spring, summer and fall. Warm, Dry Winters Mean Trouble NJ had a winter that was drier and warmer than […]

  • Stop Stings from Bees and Wasps with These Practical Tips

    Bees and wasps aren’t hard to find during summer and early fall. When you’re outdoors this season, make sure you take steps to prevent these insects from stinging you, especially if you’re allergic to them. If you have any nests on your property, make sure you hire NJ pest control services to remove them safely. […]

  • Interesting Factoids on Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

    The summer months mean that you’re likely to come across bees, wasps or hornets from time to time. Although some of these insects don’t sting, others can deliver a painful sting that can be dangerous if you’re allergic. Learn some interesting facts about these bugs, and count on NJ pest control services for help if […]

  • What Should NJ Residents Know About Hornets?

    Hornets are among the most dangerous insects that NJ pest control services deal with during the summer months. These large stinging insects have painful stings and are known for being highly aggressive if their nests are threatened. Here’s some more information you should know about hornets in NJ. Behavior Hornets make nests with a mix of […]

  • How to Know if You Have a Hornet Problem

    Seeing bees around during summer is common, but how do you know if you have a hornet problem? Honeybees and other bees usually don’t cause problems, but hornets can be aggressive and inflict painful stings. You definitely don’t want to have a nest on your property. Use the following information to see if you have […]

  • High Humidity Brings Out Swarms of Mosquitoes and Other Insect Pests

    High humidity levels are ideal for breeding mosquito populations. These insects, which keep NJ pest control services busy in summer, thrive in humid environments. This puts you and your family at risk of being bitten, which can also increase your risk of West Nile virus and other serious kinds of illnesses. Swarming Mosquitoes Mosquitoes have […]