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  • Are Yellow Jackets Bees or Wasps?

    During the summer months, Monmouth County NJ pest control companies deal with yellow jackets and other stinging pests. Although you might hear yellow jackets referred to as bees, they’re actually not. These pests are a type of wasp. Yellow Jacket Identification Do you have honeybees or yellow jackets in your yard? You can tell yellow […]

  • Wasps, Hornets, and Yellow Jackets Part Three – What does a Yellow Jacket Look Like?

    Yellow jackets are among the most feared stinging insects and for good reason. These pests are usually more of a nuisance than paper wasps and hornets thanks to their nesting habits and diet. Keep the following information in mind if you want to know whether or not you have yellow jackets around the yard. Don’t […]

  • What to Know About the Baldfaced Hornet?

    When you see a big black and yellow flying insect, you might assume it’s a hornet, but some of these are actually different species. The baldfaced hornet is a yellowjacket species that Monmouth County pest control professionals deal with. Here’s what you should know about this stinging insect. Baldfaced hornets are common in most of […]

  • An Interesting Look at an Underground Yellow Jacket Nest

    Yellow jackets can be ground nesting wasps which are distinguishable from paper wasps by their shorter and stockier waists. They can and do nest beneath eaves, but since they are up high, they are much less of a problem than the ground nesting variety. The ground nesters can be a serious problem, especially if you […]

  • Yellow Jackets, Paper Wasps and Nesting Behavior

    Yellow Jackets are the generic name for all types of yellow and black striped wasps. These include actual yellow jackets and common paper wasps. The main difference between the two in appearance is that a paper wasp has a much slender waist than the stocky waist of the yellow jacket. Nesting wise, yellow jackets nest […]

  • Does Our Wet Spring and Summer Mean Less Yellow Jackets?

    Tired of yellow jackets pestering your picnic? You’re not the only one enjoying the nice weather. Turns out, weather determines how bad yellow jackets will be in your area each year – and whether you’ll need Tom’s River pest control professionals to come to the rescue! What’s the best weather for waning wasps? Spring weather […]