Wasps, Hornets, and Yellow Jackets Part Three – What does a Yellow Jacket Look Like?

Yellow Jackets Are Some of the Most Feared Stinging Insects
Yellow Jackets Are Some of the Most Feared Stinging Insects

Yellow jackets are among the most feared stinging insects and for good reason. These pests are usually more of a nuisance than paper wasps and hornets thanks to their nesting habits and diet.

Keep the following information in mind if you want to know whether or not you have yellow jackets around the yard. Don’t hesitate to have our exterminators in Freehold get rid of them for you.

Physical Appearance

Yellow jackets, like hornets and paper wasps, also have elongated bodies with no hair on them. These insects also have straight stingers that deliver painful stings over and over again when they attack.

Nesting Habits

Yellow jackets live in colonies of more than 100, just like hornets. They also build enclosed paper nests, but they usually build theirs underground. In some cases, you might see yellow jacket nests hanging instead of in the ground. The fact that they tend to build nests underground makes it easy to accidentally disturb one. Take care when mowing your lawn or running around your yard.


Yellow jackets don’t feed on live insects like hornets and paper wasps. Instead, they feed on dead insects and sugars. This means you’re more likely to have them around when you’re eating or drinking outside.

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