What to Know About the Baldfaced Hornet?

Is That A Baldfaced Hornet?
Is That A Baldfaced Hornet?

When you see a big black and yellow flying insect, you might assume it’s a hornet, but some of these are actually different species. The baldfaced hornet is a yellowjacket species that Monmouth County pest control professionals deal with. Here’s what you should know about this stinging insect.

Baldfaced hornets are common in most of the U.S., including New Jersey. You can tell that you’re dealing with these pests from the white markings they have on their face, legs, thorax and abdomen. These hornets usually build their large, papery nests in shrubs, bushes and trees, although you can also find them hanging under the eaves of homes. Baldfaced hornets live in colonies that contain a queen. When the weather gets warm, the queen emerges from hiding and starts to build a nest and deposit eggs. When the weather turns cold again, the queen and a few other hornets go into hiding again, while the other members of the colony die.

Although baldfaced hornets can be helpful to have around, since they feed on other yellowjackets and insect pests, they can be dangerous to those who are allergic to hornet stings. Nests that are close to homes should be removed safely.

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