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  • Interesting Factoids on Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

    The summer months mean that you’re likely to come across bees, wasps or hornets from time to time. Although some of these insects don’t sting, others can deliver a painful sting that can be dangerous if you’re allergic. Learn some interesting facts about these bugs, and count on NJ pest control services for help if […]

  • What Should NJ Residents Know About Hornets?

    Hornets are among the most dangerous insects that NJ pest control services deal with during the summer months. These large stinging insects have painful stings and are known for being highly aggressive if their nests are threatened. Here’s some more information you should know about hornets in NJ. Behavior Hornets make nests with a mix of […]

  • What to Know About the Baldfaced Hornet?

    When you see a big black and yellow flying insect, you might assume it’s a hornet, but some of these are actually different species. The baldfaced hornet is a yellowjacket species that Monmouth County pest control professionals deal with. Here’s what you should know about this stinging insect. Baldfaced hornets are common in most of […]

  • Are Asian Hornets the Next NJ Plague?

    The insect kingdom seems to consist of an infinite number of varieties. As a result, it takes constant vigilance to keep ahead of the threats they pose to home and family. Now comes news of a vicious new species that may be making its way from Asia via Europe and the United Kingdom. Giant Asian […]