Could Other Pests Be The Key To Killing Bed Bugs?

NJ Pest Control professionals treat all kinds of troublesome pests throughout the state.  According to the National Pest Management Association’s 2011 Bugs Without Borders Survey it was revealed that 73 percent of the respondents queried reported that bed bugs are the most difficult pest to eradicate?

Some people may contend that the use of DDT and some other types of powerful pesticides that are no longer in use, in past years nearly wiped out bed bugs from America’s landscape.  The reality is that we never really killed them all so many years ago.  Bed bugs still existed, definitely in smaller numbers.  The survivors were forced to evolve and become resistant to the pesticides that nearly wiped them out.  The survivors mutated into a kind of bed bug super bug that we know today.  These bugs are resistant to current pesticides, have a thicker exoskeleton, and have changed their genetic makeup as well.

Using regular pest control services absolutely has its benefits.  We humans have become accustomed to living without annoying pests in our midst.  In our effort to kill bed bugs, we have also inadvertently eliminated other species of bugs inside our homes that find bed bugs to be a tasty treat.  The Pharaoh ant is a widespread problem on every continent except Antarctica. Here in the United States, pest control professionals have done a fantastic job at eliminating invading Pharaoh ants from our homes, much to the delight of any bed bugs you might have.  Pharaoh ants are so adept at eating bed bugs that it has been noted that those amazing little ants cleared a camp in Meridian, Mississippi of bed bugs in a single day during the Civil War.

Argentine ants, fire ants, marked assassins, and spiders all find bed bugs to be a delicious meal.  These insects are part of the food chain of life, just like we humans are for bed bugs.  The difficult part is to balance how much pesticide to use so we can live comfortably with beneficial insects.  Nobody wants a house filled with fire ants, nor do they want a house filled with bed bugs.  It’s a difficult balance and one that a NJ Pest Control professional like Allison Pest Control can handle with ease.