Carpet Beetles…Don’t You Wish They Would Stay Outdoors?

For the most part, insects and critters that humans consider to be pests do have a place in his world…with the exception of bed bugs.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why they are on the planet!

Carpet beetles are a common household pest that NJ pest control experts encounter.  Outdoors, carpet beetles take their spot in the natural world serving as a pollinator.  Like many other types of insect species, they are scavengers.  They aid in the decomposition process by feeding on dead animals by eating clear down to the bone of anything dead.  The fur and hide are a favorite meal for these insects with a voracious appetite.

Like other “pests”…if they would just remain outdoors, all would be fine and dandy.  Unfortunately, carpet beetles can easily find their way into any dwelling.  Carpet beetles are tiny creatures that can easily enter homes through improperly sealed screens or windows, or through cracks or crevices. Adult carpet beetles look like an odd colored lady bug.  Some people who find them in their home often confuse them with bed bugs report New Jersey pest control professionals.

There are two groups of carpet beetles in New Jersey, the black carpet beetle and the varied carpet beetle.  Both must go through a complete metamorphosis of egg, larvae, pupae, and then adult stage.

As scavengers, carpet beetles can be attracted into a home when an animal dies in the attic, wall void, ceiling, or below a floor.  Once these pests are indoors they will also begin to eat other types of fibers such as carpet, clothing, fur, hair, fabrics, and animal hides.  Most people do not realize that it is not necessarily a moth that is chewing holes on their clothing.  Carpet beetles could be the culprit instead.

Carpet beetles also enjoy eating pasta, cereals, corn products, red pepper, nuts, etc.  They contaminate anything in their path as their spear-headed hairs irritate human skin.  Contact with carpet beetle hairs and shed skin result in itching and the accidental inhalation of the hairs will produce an irritation of the lungs.

Carpet beetles can be handled by calling a licensed NJ pest control professional like Allison Pest Control.

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  1. I have black carpet beetles that I have been keeping at bay with regular light cleaning, and occasional thorough cleaning. Can you please let me know the process you use to eliminate these bugs, it’s effectiveness, and rough cost?


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