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Know the Carpet Beetle – a Pest Frequently Confused with Bed Bugs

Don't Confuse These Pests With Bed Bugs!
Don’t Confuse These Pests With Bed Bugs!

Carpet beetles look very similar to bed bugs in size and shape, but they are nowhere near the nuisance when it comes to health hazards for humans. Your clothes are another story, since carpet beetles larvae like to munch on animal fibers such as wool and fur.

Where to Look For Carpet Beetles

The name of this pest gives away its preferred hiding place – your carpet – though they can often be found anywhere there is a significant amount of cloth. Closets are another favorite hangout for these tiny pests, which are slightly different in size and color than bed bugs.

Feeding Sources

Fortunately, carpet beetles don’t bite humans. Animal fibers are their main food source, which is why you probably need to talk to a Tom’s River exterminator if you do see strange holes in your clothing that you know are not being caused by moths. Most of the time, all it takes is a single spraying to get rid of this type of pest since they generally cannot reproduce fast enough to cause an infestation. At least not without you being aware of it relatively quickly.

Get In Touch With a Tom’s River Exterminator

Our team at Allison Pest Control can help you take care of carpet beetles, or any other insects, in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Give us a call at 1-800-564-4585 or fill out our web contact form for a consultation.

Vintage Clothing Stolen…Don’t Mind The Bugs!

There are always a variety of thefts reported from cars and people’s homes during the holiday season.  Sometimes surprising items are taken from other locations as well.  The Albany Democrat-Herald reported on November 30, 2012 that thieves made off with some interesting items that belonged to the Linn County Historical Museum in Oregon.

The museum is now on the hunt for missing items that were stored in a deep freezer owned by the city.  Described as irreplaceable to the museum, but not terribly valuable to the thieves, various historical clothing pieces were taken from the city owned freezer which was locked up tight.

The historic clothing pieces date back to World War I and the Spanish-American war.  The items were placed in the freezer to kill the cloth moths and carpet beetle larvae that were nibbling away at the museums treasured items. Unexplained holes were found in the various pieces of fabric and a further investigation revealed that insects are the cause of the problem.

Cloth moths and carpet beetle larvae will cause significant damage to fabric items from all time periods.  Cloth items that contain food particles or perspiration may not be detected by humans, but these critters find them to be a feast.  It should be noted that these pesky bugs are not attracted to the synthetic components found in many modern day fabric pieces, but fabrics that contain a combination of synthetic fabrics as well as natural fabrics can harbor these pests.

Reports are that some of the items have been found in a local park and in a trash can, but some are still missing.  Perhaps the thieves played dress up and encountered the larvae crawling on their skin.  Now that would be a great pay-back for their thieving behavior!

Carpet beetles and cloth moths can be avoided by using moth balls, but they not only have a horrible pungent smell, they can also damage any fabric goods and plastics that they come in contact with.  A Monmouth County pest control professional can rid your home of these pesky insects.

Scientists Believe Global Warning Has Brought An Increase In Plant Eating Insects

The summer of 2011 brought about numerous complaints by New Jersey residents to many pest control companies throughout New Jersey about an increase of insects eating more than their normal share of a variety of outdoor plants.  Notwithstanding the voracious appetite of the pesky stink bugs that have taken over the eastern seaboard in recent years, and have damaged farmer’s crops and homeowners gardens, many residents have noticed an increase of other plant-eating insects in their gardens.  Many home gardens that were normally bursting with fruits and vegetables were hit hard by unwelcome invaders this past year report NJ pest control professionals.

Through extensive research, it is the belief of some scientists that the continuing warming of the earth is contributing to the increase in plant-eating insects.  Researchers do not believe that the plants have become tastier to insects, but they do believe that insects have a greater appetite and have become more destructive in recent years.  Planetsave reported back on February 11, 2008 that scientists from Pennsylvania State University and the Smithsonian Institution believe that “when temperature increases, the diversity of insect feeding damage on plant species also increases.”  Additionally, the study’s lead author and researcher said “our study convincingly shows that there is a link between temperature and insect feeding on leaves.” You may read the article here.

Keeping the interior and exterior of your home free from all types of unwelcome pests is easy when you hire a New Jersey pest control expert.  Allison Pest Control will be able to blanket your property with a barrier pest control treatment to keep unwanted pests out so that your gardens will grow as expected.  We provide fast and professional service to residences and businesses in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties, New Jersey.  Call us today for a free estimate and pest evaluation.

Carpet Beetles…Don’t You Wish They Would Stay Outdoors?

For the most part, insects and critters that humans consider to be pests do have a place in his world…with the exception of bed bugs.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why they are on the planet!

Carpet beetles are a common household pest that NJ pest control experts encounter.  Outdoors, carpet beetles take their spot in the natural world serving as a pollinator.  Like many other types of insect species, they are scavengers.  They aid in the decomposition process by feeding on dead animals by eating clear down to the bone of anything dead.  The fur and hide are a favorite meal for these insects with a voracious appetite.

Like other “pests”…if they would just remain outdoors, all would be fine and dandy.  Unfortunately, carpet beetles can easily find their way into any dwelling.  Carpet beetles are tiny creatures that can easily enter homes through improperly sealed screens or windows, or through cracks or crevices. Adult carpet beetles look like an odd colored lady bug.  Some people who find them in their home often confuse them with bed bugs report New Jersey pest control professionals.

There are two groups of carpet beetles in New Jersey, the black carpet beetle and the varied carpet beetle.  Both must go through a complete metamorphosis of egg, larvae, pupae, and then adult stage.

As scavengers, carpet beetles can be attracted into a home when an animal dies in the attic, wall void, ceiling, or below a floor.  Once these pests are indoors they will also begin to eat other types of fibers such as carpet, clothing, fur, hair, fabrics, and animal hides.  Most people do not realize that it is not necessarily a moth that is chewing holes on their clothing.  Carpet beetles could be the culprit instead.

Carpet beetles also enjoy eating pasta, cereals, corn products, red pepper, nuts, etc.  They contaminate anything in their path as their spear-headed hairs irritate human skin.  Contact with carpet beetle hairs and shed skin result in itching and the accidental inhalation of the hairs will produce an irritation of the lungs.

Carpet beetles can be handled by calling a licensed NJ pest control professional like Allison Pest Control.

What Is That Weird Bug?

Many people are concerned when they begin to receive strange itchy welts on their skin these days; and for good reason since bed bug infestations are on the rise all across the United States.  It should be noted that skin irritations can occur from many different types of insects.  Sometimes those insects are seeking a blood meal, and other times, we humans are just subjected to an allergic reaction to the pests.

One persistent pest that often plagues homeowners in New Jersey is the carpet beetle.  Contrary to popular belief, these bugs do not bite or sting, but when a home has been invaded by them, many NJ residents will begin to experience itchy spots that resemble bites.  Many people experience an allergic reaction to the hairs on the carpet beetle larvae.  The allergic reaction presents itself like bites rather than a rash in most cases.

A carpet beetle infestation will originate from a dead animal that is hidden behind a wall or an abandoned bird’s nest.  Sometimes you can accidentally bring carpet beetles into your home on cut flowers too.  Adult carpet beetles are about 3/8 of an inch long and can be black or brightly colored depending on the species.  Carpet beetle larvae are also about 3/8 of an inch long and resemble a caterpillar that is covered with tiny bristles.  During the larval stage is when the damage to carpets, clothing, bedding, and furniture occurs as the adults only feed on pollen and nectar.  Carpet beetles travel quickly from place to place in your home and multiply easily so it is wise to stay on top of an infestation by contacting a pest control specialist.

Don’t let the name “carpet beetle” fool you though.  They can live in homes that do not have carpet as well as the ones that do have carpet.  If you think you have carpet beetles or any other strange insects that are driving you nuts; give Allison Pest Control a call.  Our trained pest control technicians will gladly eradicate your creepy bugs in a flash!