What Is That Weird Bug?

Many people are concerned when they begin to receive strange itchy welts on their skin these days; and for good reason since bed bug infestations are on the rise all across the United States.  It should be noted that skin irritations can occur from many different types of insects.  Sometimes those insects are seeking a blood meal, and other times, we humans are just subjected to an allergic reaction to the pests.

One persistent pest that often plagues homeowners in New Jersey is the carpet beetle.  Contrary to popular belief, these bugs do not bite or sting, but when a home has been invaded by them, many NJ residents will begin to experience itchy spots that resemble bites.  Many people experience an allergic reaction to the hairs on the carpet beetle larvae.  The allergic reaction presents itself like bites rather than a rash in most cases.

A carpet beetle infestation will originate from a dead animal that is hidden behind a wall or an abandoned bird’s nest.  Sometimes you can accidentally bring carpet beetles into your home on cut flowers too.  Adult carpet beetles are about 3/8 of an inch long and can be black or brightly colored depending on the species.  Carpet beetle larvae are also about 3/8 of an inch long and resemble a caterpillar that is covered with tiny bristles.  During the larval stage is when the damage to carpets, clothing, bedding, and furniture occurs as the adults only feed on pollen and nectar.  Carpet beetles travel quickly from place to place in your home and multiply easily so it is wise to stay on top of an infestation by contacting a pest control specialist.

Don’t let the name “carpet beetle” fool you though.  They can live in homes that do not have carpet as well as the ones that do have carpet.  If you think you have carpet beetles or any other strange insects that are driving you nuts; give Allison Pest Control a call.  Our trained pest control technicians will gladly eradicate your creepy bugs in a flash!

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