Know the Carpet Beetle – a Pest Frequently Confused with Bed Bugs

Don't Confuse These Pests With Bed Bugs!
Don’t Confuse These Pests With Bed Bugs!

Carpet beetles look very similar to bed bugs in size and shape, but they are nowhere near the nuisance when it comes to health hazards for humans. Your clothes are another story, since carpet beetles larvae like to munch on animal fibers such as wool and fur.

Where to Look For Carpet Beetles

The name of this pest gives away its preferred hiding place – your carpet – though they can often be found anywhere there is a significant amount of cloth. Closets are another favorite hangout for these tiny pests, which are slightly different in size and color than bed bugs.

Feeding Sources

Fortunately, carpet beetles don’t bite humans. Animal fibers are their main food source, which is why you probably need to talk to a Tom’s River exterminator if you do see strange holes in your clothing that you know are not being caused by moths. Most of the time, all it takes is a single spraying to get rid of this type of pest since they generally cannot reproduce fast enough to cause an infestation. At least not without you being aware of it relatively quickly.

Get In Touch With a Tom’s River Exterminator

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