Scary Real Life Vampires

Tonight is the night where little ghosts, goblins, and vampires will ring your bell in hopes of nabbing a delicious treat.  Failure to provide a treat could result in a naughty trick!

New Jersey pest control experts report that costumed kiddies are the least of the worries in comparison to the real vampires that haunt some New Jersey residents.

Deer ticks, otherwise known as the blacklegged tick or bear tick, are a troublesome pest in New Jersey.  Smaller than a dog tick, these pests lurk in the grass and wooded areas lying in wait for their next victim.  Once these bloodsuckers climb aboard, they find a warm spot where they attach themselves by burrowing their head partially under the skins surface.  Deer ticks are initially tiny but will grow quickly upon receiving their blood meal.  Deer tick bites are dangerous to humans as they transmit Lyme disease, encephalitis and meningitis.  The lifespan of a deer tick is two years.  They survive the cold winter months by hiding under leave litter and in the brush.

Bed bugs are well known for their bloodsucking ability.  Like a true vampire, bed bugs sneak up on their victim while they are in a deep sleep.  They stab them with their mouth parts, injecting a numbing agent with one tube and slurping blood with the other.  Bed bugs are difficult to eradicate because they are able hide in a variety of places, often living undetected for a great deal of time.  It is estimated that about 50% of the population suffers the allergic reaction to bed bug bites which is why bed bugs are able to proliferate.

Don’t let real life vampires play tricks on you.  Call Allison Pest Control for a free pest inspection today.  We can identify where the little bloodsuckers are hiding and design a treatment plan that will kill the critters once and for all.  We provide expert service to Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties.