NJ Residents Are Itching From Bed Bug Bites Part II Of II

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One of the reasons that bed bugs are so problematic these days is that despite being bit, not every person who encounters them has the allergic reaction to their bites.  It is estimated that about 50% of humans suffer from bed bug bites.  Because only 50% suffer from the bites, many people do not know that they have an infestation of the bugs until the infestation is well under way in their NJ home.

Although it is widely believed that they do not transmit disease, the bite of a bed bug can be extremely painful.  Many people will develop red itchy welts on their skin or localized swelling.  You can often find bite marks in a row of three or in clusters.  This is often called “breakfast, lunch, and dinner”.  It should be noted that that bed bugs can bite you anywhere on your skin, so simply looking for bites in a row or clusters is not an accurate diagnosis of a bed bug infestation. The arms, legs, shoulders, feet, back, neck and even your face are good targets for bed bug bites, but they will not hesitate to crawl under clothing to obtain a good meal.

Bed bug bites cause extreme itching, burning and irritation to your skin.  Many people make the mistake of thinking that they have been bitten by another bloodsucking pest like a flea or mosquito before they realize that bed bugs are their real problem.

If you have not been bitten by a bed bug yet, consider yourself lucky.  If you have not had a bed bug infestation yet, experts agree that you should consider yourself very lucky.  If you suspect that you have bed bugs in your New Jersey home or business, call Allison Pest Control for expert bed bug eradication services.

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