Bed Bugs Spark Atlanta Lawsuit

Bed bugs continue to plague people from coast to coast.  People who encounter bed bugs are understandably looking for an end to the problem.  Many times those who are the cause of the bed bugs refuse to take responsibility for the problem. reported on March 22, 2012 that an Atlanta woman is claiming that she received bed bug infested beds from a nationwide furniture rental company.  She claims that she and her children began receiving bite wounds soon after the delivery of the used furniture to her new townhome.  A pest control professional soon confirmed the existence of bed bugs throughout the used bedding that was delivered.  A call to the furniture company did not yield an apology, but they did pick up the infested goods, claims the tenant.  The tenant is suing the rental company for her bed bug encounter.

According to reports, the tenant is not the only victim of the bed bug debacle.  The landlord claims that he has been unable to rent the new townhouse and he claims that he has lost 20 new prospective renters because of the bed bug situation.  He claims that once he advises would-be tenants that the townhouse has had or still has bed bugs, that they are no longer interested in living there.  He is seeking compensation from the furniture rental company for $195,950, but has not filed a lawsuit yet!  You may read the article here.

Renting used furniture can be a tricky endeavor.  Bed bugs are fairly easy to see because they are about the size of an apple seed but bed bug eggs are extremely difficult to detect because they are about the size of a pin-head and are translucent in color.  Even if a company follows a good quality assurance protocol, it would be very easy for anyone to miss bed bug eggs that are laid in the confines of a mattress.