Bed Bug Bites – What To Look For Part 2 Of 2

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From the onset, bed bug bites often look generic.  Depending on your geographic location and the time of year, you may easily discount bed bug bite marks as being from a mosquito, gnat, flea or chigger.  Although all types of bloodsuckers can cause itchiness, many people report that bed bug bite wounds are intensely itchy in comparison to others that are encountered.  It is not uncommon for bed bug bites wounds to last for longer periods of time as well.

NJ Pest Control experts report that it is a matter of debate among industry experts about the theory of bed bug bite wounds appearing in a linear group of three or four.  This pattern is often referred to as “breakfast, lunch, and dinner”.  Bed bugs are attracted by the warmth and CO2 that humans exhale.  They creep into beds on the hunt for a blood meal.  Once they find a viable target, they stab one beak into exposed skin and inject a numbing agent so they will not be detected.  They then stab their second beak into the skin to slurp blood from their victim.  Bed bug feeding time will range from 5 to 15 minutes.  During that time, some people may awake slightly or reposition themselves on their bed.  As a means of self-preservation, the bed bug will stop feeding until the victim has stopped moving, reposition itself and continue feeding again.  This behavior often results in multiple bed bug bites from the same bug in the same general location.  Bed bug bites can occur in a line or in a cluster.  There could easily be one or many bed bugs biting a victim at the same time.  NJ pest control professionals say that bed bugs are capable of abstaining from a blood meal for up to 18 months if necessary.

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to kill on your own.  These pests require the help of a NJ Pest Control professional that is trained in bed bug eradication procedures.  Allison Pest Control can help rid your home or business of bloodsucking bed bugs in Monmouth, Ocean, or Middlesex Counties, New Jersey.  Call us today!