A Bed Bug Poem

The stockings are hung
The carols are sung
The cookies are baked
For all to partake.

Presents are wrapped
Santa’s been tapped
The reindeer are ready to jump super high
Nobody understands how they can fly

With excitement and glee the kiddies will run
To see a tree filled with boxes of fun
They open their presents with eyes shining bright
Shocked to find bed bugs hiding inside, afraid of the light

Screams of delight turn to despair
As Moms and Dads work to capture the pairs
Within a few weeks the itching begins
It appears the bloodsucking bed bugs have just moved in

Bed bugs are biting causing such a fright
Both kids and adults are afraid of the night
Bed bugs love to hide in the cracks
During the night they nibble on everyone’s back.

Off to the hardware store to grab some spray
They have no idea they are treating the wrong way
They spray and they spray all night and all day
They can’t understand why these pests won’t go away

Soon they will learn that the bed bugs will win
As they continue to bite again and again
Out of desperation they’ll call for an exterminator
Eager for help they’ll think they need the Terminator

Out comes Allison as quick as can be
Technicians assure they’ll survive yes sir-y
After washing and drying their clothes so many times
Mom and Dad feel like they’re down to their very last dimes

Thanks to Allison the bloodsuckers begin to die
And they return to normal with encasements on their side.
Remember to check all your packages this year
You never know what might be waiting to bite you in the rear.

Happy holidays from Allison Pest Control.