Taking One Last Trip This Summer? Watch Out For Household Pests! Part I Of II

The summer traveling season will soon be coming to an end, and many people in Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey are using these last few weeks of summer to sneak in another great family getaway before the drudgery of the school time regime returns.  When you decide to head out of town for the week, it’s not uncommon to turn the air conditioning up to 80+ to not drive up your electric bill.  Everyone locks their house up tight by closing their windows and doors to keep would-be robbers out too.  We all set off for one final jaunt to a new destination where there are no jobs to bog us down, no household chores to keep us busy, and great adventures to be discovered.  Yes, the last idle days of our summer vacation are exactly what we need to rejuvenate our mind and body…that is until we come home to unpleasant creatures that have been having a party in our home while we have been away!  They will surely snap you back into reality fast.

While you were away from your New Jersey home, perhaps the mice were at play!  Mice multiply very quickly so it not uncommon for one mouse to turn in to many in a short period of time.  Mice will not only contaminate any remaining food within your house; their presence can also be dangerous to humans because of the pathogens that their feces and urine contain.

Drain flies are always a concern for New Jersey residents as well.  These annoying pests are common household invaders.  They lay their eggs in stagnant water.  In homes they can be found around household drains such as those found in bathrooms and laundry rooms.  Toilets that have not been used for a spell can also fall victim to a dreaded drain fly invasion.  These flies won’t hurt you, and quite frankly, don’t fly well; but drain flies are a very annoying pest when they invade your home.

Please check back on Wednesday for the conclusion