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  • The Ants Have Arrived!

    Your kitchen can be immaculate, without a crumb in site, and you can scrub your house from top to bottom with bleach, but no matter what you do, it is ant season once the warm springtime weather begins report Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals.  Ants will first come in one or two at a […]

  • Drain Flies Are Gross…Considering Where They’ve Been!

    Drain flies look like a tiny unassuming flying insect that will not cause much harm if they are in your home or business.  These little flies are brownish black with a fuzzy type of hair that covers their body.  Unlike the house fly, they are not good flyers.  You won’t find drain flies zipping around […]

  • Taking One Last Trip This Summer? Watch Out For Household Pests! Part II Of II

    Continuing from Monday… The warm air in your temporarily vacant home is the perfect incubation grounds for many different types of troublesome insects. Fleas can be a huge problem not only when they invade your yard, but especially when they are multiplying in your home.  Your pup might have been taken to the kennel while you […]

  • Taking One Last Trip This Summer? Watch Out For Household Pests! Part I Of II

    The summer traveling season will soon be coming to an end, and many people in Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey are using these last few weeks of summer to sneak in another great family getaway before the drudgery of the school time regime returns.  When you decide to head out of town for the […]

  • Drain Flies Are An Annoying Little Pest

    The not so lovely drain fly goes by several different names.  Besides a drain fly, it’s been called a sewer fly, drain moth, and filter fly.  These tiny little bugs are brown or black in color and are commonly found hanging around drainpipe openings.  The drain fly measures no longer than 1/5 of an inch […]