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The Ants Have Arrived!

Your kitchen can be immaculate, without a crumb in site, and you can scrub your house from top to bottom with bleach, but no matter what you do, it is ant season once the warm springtime weather begins report Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals.  Ants will first come in one or two at a time and within a few days, there can be a blanket of ants on the floors, counters, cabinets, and walls.

Depending on the species of ants, they may be trailing one after the other.  Some ant species may be haphazardly running to and fro.  If not taken care of, it will only take days before you will see scouts begin to appear in other areas of the house as well.  Ants will begin creeping into bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and the like.  They are after any crumb of food, drop of juice, or water source they can find.

There are many homemade remedies that people use to rid their homes of ants.  While homemade remedies may work briefly on the surface to disrupt the flow of ants and wipe out the pheromone trail that they are leaving behind for their buddies, the remedy is not reaching the root of the problem…the nesting site.  Do-it-yourself pesticide products do kill ants on contact, but homeowners are left with dealing with dangerous pesticides which small children and pets can accidentally transfer into their mouth.  These store bought pesticides have proven to be ineffective at killing ants at the nesting site as well.

Ants are tricky to eradicate.  For proper elimination, they must be identified, observed, and then a course of action is planned to eliminate the ant colony.  A Monmouth County, NJ pest control professional like Allison Pest Control is the best alternative for homeowners in need of NJ ant control services.

Drain Flies Are Gross…Considering Where They’ve Been!

Drain flies look like a tiny unassuming flying insect that will not cause much harm if they are in your home or business.  These little flies are brownish black with a fuzzy type of hair that covers their body.  Unlike the house fly, they are not good flyers.  You won’t find drain flies zipping around your home from place to place.  Instead, drain flies tend to hang out in areas where they emerge from.  In homes, you will often find them in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or around basement drain areas.  Restaurants often have a problem with drain flies around improperly cleaned drainage areas.

I had my own experience with drain flies appearing while working on a bathroom renovation in my home.  Since the entire bathroom was out of commission, out of nowhere, or so it seemed, the drain flies appeared.  The toilet and sink opening directly to the sewage system was an open door for drain flies to come inside of our home.  Additionally, without water flowing down the shower drain due to a new ceramic tile being installed, more drain flies began to emerge.  Those entry points were soon sealed off, and the hunt began to kill off the pesky bugs.

Drain flies live and breed within the sewage system which means that they feed upon bacteria and human waste.  It stands to reason that these pests carry pathogens that can be dangerous for humans.  Drain flies in bathrooms will contaminate soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, or anything else they land upon.  In a kitchen, food storage containers, food products, and food preparation surfaces are all subject to the transfer of pathogens from drain flies.

If you are having trouble with drain flies in your home or business, call a Monmouth County, NJ pest control professional like Allison Pest Control.

Taking One Last Trip This Summer? Watch Out For Household Pests! Part II Of II

Continuing from Monday…

The warm air in your temporarily vacant home is the perfect incubation grounds for many different types of troublesome insects.

Fleas can be a huge problem not only when they invade your yard, but especially when they are multiplying in your home.  Your pup might have been taken to the kennel while you are away; but any fleas/eggs left behind inside your home will continue their development.  They will be awaiting your return home, and thirsty for a blood meal.

Cockroaches won’t likely have any crumbs to nibble on, so they will be on the hunt for any other type of food source that they can contaminate.  If they cannot find any human food to eat, these resourceful creepy bugs will find other weird things in your home to feast upon.  Cockroaches will also eat newspapers, cardboard, toothpaste, and even a bar of soap if they are really hungry!  Cockroaches need water to survive so make sure that you don’t have any leaky faucets or pipes before you depart for your vacation.

Another pesky bug that you must keep a look out for when you are traveling is the dreaded bed bug.  These blood sucking parasites are popping up at alarming rates in hotels, motels, and rental properties around the United States.  Be sure to check your luggage carefully for tiny apple seed sized, brown/reddish brown colored bugs while you are unpacking after your vacation because bed bugs would love to hitch a ride home with you.  It is always wise to wash all of your clothing in hot water and dry the clothing on the hottest dryer setting to avoid bed bug infestations.  All luggage should be carefully vacuumed as well…just in case.  Bed bugs are very difficult to eradicate; so you should always contact a pest control specialist if you think that you have encountered them during your travels.

If you have any insects or mice that have been making your home, their home, while you have been away, it’s time to call in a professional pest control expert to get rid of them.  Make those disgusting home pest invaders regret that they chose your house to set up shop; give Allison Pest Control a call to wipe them out!

Taking One Last Trip This Summer? Watch Out For Household Pests! Part I Of II

The summer traveling season will soon be coming to an end, and many people in Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey are using these last few weeks of summer to sneak in another great family getaway before the drudgery of the school time regime returns.  When you decide to head out of town for the week, it’s not uncommon to turn the air conditioning up to 80+ to not drive up your electric bill.  Everyone locks their house up tight by closing their windows and doors to keep would-be robbers out too.  We all set off for one final jaunt to a new destination where there are no jobs to bog us down, no household chores to keep us busy, and great adventures to be discovered.  Yes, the last idle days of our summer vacation are exactly what we need to rejuvenate our mind and body…that is until we come home to unpleasant creatures that have been having a party in our home while we have been away!  They will surely snap you back into reality fast.

While you were away from your New Jersey home, perhaps the mice were at play!  Mice multiply very quickly so it not uncommon for one mouse to turn in to many in a short period of time.  Mice will not only contaminate any remaining food within your house; their presence can also be dangerous to humans because of the pathogens that their feces and urine contain.

Drain flies are always a concern for New Jersey residents as well.  These annoying pests are common household invaders.  They lay their eggs in stagnant water.  In homes they can be found around household drains such as those found in bathrooms and laundry rooms.  Toilets that have not been used for a spell can also fall victim to a dreaded drain fly invasion.  These flies won’t hurt you, and quite frankly, don’t fly well; but drain flies are a very annoying pest when they invade your home.

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Drain Flies Are An Annoying Little Pest

The not so lovely drain fly goes by several different names.  Besides a drain fly, it’s been called a sewer fly, drain moth, and filter fly.  These tiny little bugs are brown or black in color and are commonly found hanging around drainpipe openings.  The drain fly measures no longer than 1/5 of an inch and has hairy, dark wings which make it resemble a moth.

Although drain flies are considered harmless to humans, some people believe that they do carry harmful pathogens because of the materials that they consume and areas that they hang out in.  Drain flies will multiply extremely fast and it is not uncommon to see these flies hanging out on the walls and ceilings near an affected drain.  Drain flies are not adept at flying far and instead tend to jump or fly short distances. If you find drain flies in a particular room, chances are that you have a breeding source in that particular room.

Drain flies are attracted to stagnant water in pipes.  People are most likely to find drain flies upon returning home from a vacation or returning to a vacation house after being away for a spell.  Businesses also suffer from drain flies from poorly maintained drainage pipes.  Flushing water through your pipes will kill off and dispose of young drain flies and eggs.  Adult drain flies can easily survive both hot and cold water running through the pipes and they will be able to escape and begin the reproduction cycle once again. 

Look for drain flies in septic tanks, storm drains, damp leaves, garbage cans, toilet bowls, drains (especially in basements and garages) or other areas where stagnant water is a problem.  The best way to completely eliminate drain flies from your New Jersey home or business is to hire a pest control company.

Allison Pest Control offers a wide variety of quality pest control services for both residential properties and businesses.  If you are interested in maintaining a pest free environment, contact Allison Pest Control today.