The Ants Have Arrived!

Your kitchen can be immaculate, without a crumb in site, and you can scrub your house from top to bottom with bleach, but no matter what you do, it is ant season once the warm springtime weather begins report Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals.  Ants will first come in one or two at a time and within a few days, there can be a blanket of ants on the floors, counters, cabinets, and walls.

Depending on the species of ants, they may be trailing one after the other.  Some ant species may be haphazardly running to and fro.  If not taken care of, it will only take days before you will see scouts begin to appear in other areas of the house as well.  Ants will begin creeping into bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and the like.  They are after any crumb of food, drop of juice, or water source they can find.

There are many homemade remedies that people use to rid their homes of ants.  While homemade remedies may work briefly on the surface to disrupt the flow of ants and wipe out the pheromone trail that they are leaving behind for their buddies, the remedy is not reaching the root of the problem…the nesting site.  Do-it-yourself pesticide products do kill ants on contact, but homeowners are left with dealing with dangerous pesticides which small children and pets can accidentally transfer into their mouth.  These store bought pesticides have proven to be ineffective at killing ants at the nesting site as well.

Ants are tricky to eradicate.  For proper elimination, they must be identified, observed, and then a course of action is planned to eliminate the ant colony.  A Monmouth County, NJ pest control professional like Allison Pest Control is the best alternative for homeowners in need of NJ ant control services.