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Bed Bugs Found In New Furniture…Company Says It’s Impossible! Page 1 Of 2

A Bakersfield, California woman claims that two recliners that she purchased arrived infested with bed bugs according to reports from Bakersfieldnow.com on December 13, 2012.  The furniture company that sold her the two recliners claims that it is impossible that the recliners are the source of her bed bug infestation.

Here are some things to ponder regarding this situation…

Bed bugs are masters at hitchhiking and therefore it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint their exact point of entry into any home.

Because a person can pick up one bed bug at any place that a humans frequent, that one bed bug can cause a bed bug infestation in any home.

The customer claims that she has not traveled, nor has she had any guests in her home.  Bed bugs could have arrived on a holiday package or envelope from a friend or family member, or it could have been picked up in any store.

The customer reports that she began receiving bites a few weeks after the furniture arrived at her residence.  Bed bugs do not necessarily feed every day, so if they were present in the furniture, they were either not hungry, were not present in the furniture pieces yet, or perhaps there were not enough pests for the homeowner to realize that the bugs were present.

If the furniture was sitting on the showroom floor of the furniture store, it is extremely plausible that a customer who had bed bugs sat on the furniture and a bed bug/s crawled into the furniture awaiting their new arrival at their new home.

Please check back on Monday for the conclusion.

Can Bed Bugs Be Generated In A Hotel Room?

It’s almost like the question of which came first…the chicken or the egg.  Nobody knows for certain!

The Eastern region of the United States has had a jump on bed bug education and elimination procedures as the pests have been a prominent problem for pest control experts for many years and a widely discussed topic among media and government officials.

Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals are well trained in detecting and treating bed bug infestations throughout the state of New Jersey.  For some areas of the United States, the bed bug resurgence is still in its infancy.  Pest control professionals are working hard to eradicate the pests, but there is still much for the public to learn about killing off the little vampires of the night.

WRDW-TV Augusta reported on October 2, 2012 that an Augusta family was attacked by bed bugs while staying at a local hotel.  Reports are that six days into their stay, the mother noticed itchy bumps on her neck, which she assumed were caused by mosquitoes.  On night six of their stay, the family awoke to bed bugs crawling on their foreheads, pillows, sheets, blankets, and child.  The many bite wounds were unmistakable…bed bugs!  They immediately made a trip to the hospital.

The family notified the Richmond County Department of Health.  An inspection confirmed that there were bed bugs in the room.  The twist to the story is that the hotel does not want to claim responsibility for the infestation and is instead saying that the bed bugs could have been brought in by the guests.  It is not helpful to hear the Environmental Health Manager’s claims that bed bugs do not generate in hotel rooms!  This is actually incorrect!  Bed bugs must be carried into any facility, but as long as bed bugs have received a blood meal, they can indeed generate in a hotel room or any other type of facility.  In fact, hotels/motels are one of the easiest places to pick up bed bugs as they hide in crack and crevices, feed at night, and hitch a ride to their next destination.

Multi-Unit Housing Units Require Special Treatment By NJ Pest Control Professionals Part 1 Of 2

Living in a multi-unit housing facility is risky business when it comes to encountering pests these days.  In years past, a tenant living in an apartment used to be concerned about the cleanliness of a neighbor as their dirty behavior would likely attract disgusting cockroaches and/or ants into their apartment unit.  Once inside one unit, cockroaches will quickly spread from unit to unit because of their ability to multiply so quickly.  Considered to be vermin, the presence of cockroaches is not acceptable my health department guidelines and tenants can rest assured that the apartment complex is required to hire a licensed pest control professional to eradicate the pests.

Bed bugs however are considered to be a nuisance pest rather than vermin because they are not known to transmit disease.  As such, some tenants are running into trouble with landlords who do not want to eradicate the pests.

According to WDAM.com on July 9, 2012, tenants in Hattiesburg, MS had no idea what had been biting them each night after they moved into their new apartment.  It was not until weeks after their move-in that they discovered bed bugs throughout their bed and covering their baby.  Not ever seeing a bed bug, they claim that they reported the pests to the building management, who refused to admit that the bloodsuckers were in the apartment prior to the move-in of the family.  The family claims that they have never seen a bed bug prior to moving in nor had they ever had any bites from these pests.  According to the tenants, the landlord has refused to treat the tenant’s apartment.

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It Is Important To Follow A Pest Control Professional Instructions

Pesticide application in a home or business should be handled with the greatest of care.  Many home and business owners have tried to take on the task of treating their own pest problems only to discover that the store bought pesticide were ineffective.  Some people who have tried pest control treatments on their own have done so incorrectly which has caused fires and have caused people and pets to become sick.  In some cases, people have released toxic fumes into the air which has made people seriously ill.

Click On Detroit reported on 5/5/12, that a resident of an apartment building called an exterminator to kill the bed bugs that were attacking each night.  Despite the instructions by the pest control expert which advised the tenant to not enter the apartment before the three hour wait time ended, the tenant did.  Entering the apartment early caused toxic gas to transfer down the hallways and into other apartment units.  Fire officials were soon called, and quickly determined the incident to be a hazmat situation!  You may read the article here.

Our “Insect Resource Guide” will provide you with valuable information and photographs of many different types of common pests that exterminators in Ocean County, NJ will be able to identify and provide professional treatment for.  Look for specific information about fleas, ants, ticks, bed bugs, cockroaches, yellow jackets, termites, stink bugs and so many more.  Our pest control technicians will be able to solve all of your pest problems by providing pest treatment to the inside and/or the outside of your home or business.  Contact us today.

Are Bed Bugs ON The Mattress or IN The Mattress? Part 2 Of 2

Continuing from Monday…

Another area where bed bugs like to hide is in the cracks and crevices of the metal frame of the bed.  Bed bugs are so small that they can easily hide in the space the size of a screw hole.

The headboard is often a hotspot of bed bug activity once there is an infestation present.  Bed bugs like to hide in areas that are not disturbed often.  In hotels and motels, headboards are often bolted to the wall which makes it very difficult to look for bed bugs that may be hiding.  The best way to look for bed bugs would be to shine a flashlight on the sides and from the top.  Look for fecal matter, blood spots, shed skins, eggs, or live or dead bed bugs.

My personal experience in checking a hotel for bed bugs yielded a surprising result.  I did not find any actual bed bugs initially, nor any shed skins in the bed or any other location in the entire room.  While inspecting the bed, I did find in one small area of the seam some small black flecks that looked like cookie crumbs.  I promptly grabbed my tweezers and gently ran them along the stitching in the area where the black debris was located.  To my surprise, out popped 5 live bed bugs from inside of the mattress!  The bed bugs that I removed varied in size and all were engorged which meant that they had recently received a blood meal.

Bed bugs are so resourceful that even that space, as small as the size of the stitching on the mattress, proved to be ample size for the bed bugs to enter the interior of the mattress.  Any defect or tear in a mattress opens the door for easy access for bed bugs to hide and breed, and have access to their favorite meal…you!

Many people are quick to decide to throw away their mattress and box spring once bed bugs are discovered in their home.  The current recommendations from the National Pest Management Association state that furniture can be salvaged with proper treatment by a licensed pest control professional.  NJ pest control professionals recommend vacuuming the mattress and box spring, and then using a bite proof encasement which will seal any bed bugs inside, depriving them of a blood meal.  Eventually they will die and your mattress will be salvaged.

For more information or help ridding your home of NJ bed bugs, contact a pest control professional in Monmouth Country, NJ.

Are Bed Bugs ON The Mattress or IN The Mattress? Part 1 Of 2

New Jersey pest control professionals are often asked many questions from panicked customers who have awoken with strange bite marks on their body. It’s important to remember that not all bites are the result of a bed bug infestation.  Other creatures that can leave bite marks on your body include:

• Mosquitos

• Ticks

• Fleas

• Biting Flies

• Spiders (usually an accidental occurrence)

• Gnats

• Bat Bugs

• No-See-Ums

• Mites (not visible to the naked eye)

• Cockroaches (yes, they have even been known to take a bite or two, especially on a sleeping child!)

One of the most common questions that is asked is…”Do bed bugs live ON a mattress or IN a mattress?”  The only way to know for certain (hopefully) is to perform a thorough check for the creepy bloodsuckers.  Here’s what you do…

The most likely places that bed bugs will be hiding on a mattress are the seam area of the mattress.  Look on top and under the seamed area carefully checking around the entire mattress, both top and bottom.

Another place where bed bugs like to hang out is under the patch or logo area that is sewn onto the mattress.  Because of their small size, they can easily slip between the stitching and enjoy a safe hiding place.

Once you are finished inspecting the mattress, it’s time to check for bed bugs in the box spring.  Box springs have multiple places that provide excellent places for bed bug harborage.

Just like with the mattress, check the entire seamed area of the box spring.  Then lift the box spring up to expose the bottom.  If there is a fabric covering, it’s a good idea to remove it for easy inspection and detection of bed bugs.  Thoroughly check the entire wood structure of the box spring for any evidence of bed bugs or their eggs.

Please check back on Wednesday for the conclusion.