Bed Bugs Found In New Furniture…Company Says It’s Impossible! Page 1 Of 2

A Bakersfield, California woman claims that two recliners that she purchased arrived infested with bed bugs according to reports from on December 13, 2012.  The furniture company that sold her the two recliners claims that it is impossible that the recliners are the source of her bed bug infestation.

Here are some things to ponder regarding this situation…

Bed bugs are masters at hitchhiking and therefore it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint their exact point of entry into any home.

Because a person can pick up one bed bug at any place that a humans frequent, that one bed bug can cause a bed bug infestation in any home.

The customer claims that she has not traveled, nor has she had any guests in her home.  Bed bugs could have arrived on a holiday package or envelope from a friend or family member, or it could have been picked up in any store.

The customer reports that she began receiving bites a few weeks after the furniture arrived at her residence.  Bed bugs do not necessarily feed every day, so if they were present in the furniture, they were either not hungry, were not present in the furniture pieces yet, or perhaps there were not enough pests for the homeowner to realize that the bugs were present.

If the furniture was sitting on the showroom floor of the furniture store, it is extremely plausible that a customer who had bed bugs sat on the furniture and a bed bug/s crawled into the furniture awaiting their new arrival at their new home.

Please check back on Monday for the conclusion.