Can Bed Bugs Be Generated In A Hotel Room?

It’s almost like the question of which came first…the chicken or the egg.  Nobody knows for certain!

The Eastern region of the United States has had a jump on bed bug education and elimination procedures as the pests have been a prominent problem for pest control experts for many years and a widely discussed topic among media and government officials.

Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals are well trained in detecting and treating bed bug infestations throughout the state of New Jersey.  For some areas of the United States, the bed bug resurgence is still in its infancy.  Pest control professionals are working hard to eradicate the pests, but there is still much for the public to learn about killing off the little vampires of the night.

WRDW-TV Augusta reported on October 2, 2012 that an Augusta family was attacked by bed bugs while staying at a local hotel.  Reports are that six days into their stay, the mother noticed itchy bumps on her neck, which she assumed were caused by mosquitoes.  On night six of their stay, the family awoke to bed bugs crawling on their foreheads, pillows, sheets, blankets, and child.  The many bite wounds were unmistakable…bed bugs!  They immediately made a trip to the hospital.

The family notified the Richmond County Department of Health.  An inspection confirmed that there were bed bugs in the room.  The twist to the story is that the hotel does not want to claim responsibility for the infestation and is instead saying that the bed bugs could have been brought in by the guests.  It is not helpful to hear the Environmental Health Manager’s claims that bed bugs do not generate in hotel rooms!  This is actually incorrect!  Bed bugs must be carried into any facility, but as long as bed bugs have received a blood meal, they can indeed generate in a hotel room or any other type of facility.  In fact, hotels/motels are one of the easiest places to pick up bed bugs as they hide in crack and crevices, feed at night, and hitch a ride to their next destination.