Multi-Unit Housing Units Require Special Treatment By NJ Pest Control Professionals Part 1 Of 2

Living in a multi-unit housing facility is risky business when it comes to encountering pests these days.  In years past, a tenant living in an apartment used to be concerned about the cleanliness of a neighbor as their dirty behavior would likely attract disgusting cockroaches and/or ants into their apartment unit.  Once inside one unit, cockroaches will quickly spread from unit to unit because of their ability to multiply so quickly.  Considered to be vermin, the presence of cockroaches is not acceptable my health department guidelines and tenants can rest assured that the apartment complex is required to hire a licensed pest control professional to eradicate the pests.

Bed bugs however are considered to be a nuisance pest rather than vermin because they are not known to transmit disease.  As such, some tenants are running into trouble with landlords who do not want to eradicate the pests.

According to on July 9, 2012, tenants in Hattiesburg, MS had no idea what had been biting them each night after they moved into their new apartment.  It was not until weeks after their move-in that they discovered bed bugs throughout their bed and covering their baby.  Not ever seeing a bed bug, they claim that they reported the pests to the building management, who refused to admit that the bloodsuckers were in the apartment prior to the move-in of the family.  The family claims that they have never seen a bed bug prior to moving in nor had they ever had any bites from these pests.  According to the tenants, the landlord has refused to treat the tenant’s apartment.

Please check back on Friday for Part 2.