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Bed Bugs Spark Atlanta Lawsuit

Bed bugs continue to plague people from coast to coast.  People who encounter bed bugs are understandably looking for an end to the problem.  Many times those who are the cause of the bed bugs refuse to take responsibility for the problem.

Wsbtv.com reported on March 22, 2012 that an Atlanta woman is claiming that she received bed bug infested beds from a nationwide furniture rental company.  She claims that she and her children began receiving bite wounds soon after the delivery of the used furniture to her new townhome.  A pest control professional soon confirmed the existence of bed bugs throughout the used bedding that was delivered.  A call to the furniture company did not yield an apology, but they did pick up the infested goods, claims the tenant.  The tenant is suing the rental company for her bed bug encounter.

According to reports, the tenant is not the only victim of the bed bug debacle.  The landlord claims that he has been unable to rent the new townhouse and he claims that he has lost 20 new prospective renters because of the bed bug situation.  He claims that once he advises would-be tenants that the townhouse has had or still has bed bugs, that they are no longer interested in living there.  He is seeking compensation from the furniture rental company for $195,950, but has not filed a lawsuit yet!  You may read the article here.

Renting used furniture can be a tricky endeavor.  Bed bugs are fairly easy to see because they are about the size of an apple seed but bed bug eggs are extremely difficult to detect because they are about the size of a pin-head and are translucent in color.  Even if a company follows a good quality assurance protocol, it would be very easy for anyone to miss bed bug eggs that are laid in the confines of a mattress.

Orkin’s New Most Infested Cities Rankings Make Monmouth County, NJ Pest Control Pros Smile

Since the resurgence of bed bug infestations in the United States, Orkin and Terminix, both nationwide pest control companies, have compiled lists of the Most Bed Bug Infested Cities in America.  These lists are comprised of statistical information gathered from their offices that are located throughout the country.  This is one list that no city in America wants to gain notoriety for being a part of.

Some cities, such as New York City, have noticed a steady decline in reports of bed bug infestations.  This decline has dropped New York from the 7th place ranking in 2010 to 9th place in 2011.  Despite New York City’s drop in bed bug numbers, Orkin reports that they have seen a 33.6 percent increase in bed bug business throughout the United States in 2011 in comparison to 2010.  The great news is that New Jersey did not make Orkin’s Top 50 list!  You may see the entire Top 50 Most Bed Bug Infested Cities rankings via the article in the Wall Street Journal dated March 15, 2012.

Many of the cities listed are those that are popular spring break and summertime destinations so travelers should be on high alert.  Los Angeles, which was previously ranked as number 25, has climbed up 20 spots and is now considered to be the 5th Most Bed Bug Infested City in America.  Another California hot spot, San Francisco, climbed from 47th to 12th place.  Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL jumped from 51st place up to 24th, and West Palm Beach, FL, jumped into the 50 spot after not making the list in previous years.  Not all news is grim however.  In addition to the decline in bed bugs in New York City, other cities seem to be getting a handle on their bloodsuckers.  There are some cities that have a noticeable decline.  Washington, DC dropped 3 places, Dayton, Ohio dropped 7 places, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania dropped 9 places, Lexington, Kentucky dropped 13 places, Buffalo, New York and Hartford, Connecticut dropped 16 places, Minneapolist/St. Paul, Minnesota dropped 20 places, and Albany, New York dropped a whopping 23 places.

Monmouth County, NJ pest control experts say to be vigilant in your quest to find bed bugs while you travel.  If you happen to bring the bloodsuckers home with you, it is imperative that you call a licensed pest control professional as soon as possible.

The Souvenir That Bites Back

Traveling is one of life’s pleasures, most of the time.  Seeing new sites, meeting new people, and enjoying different types of food is all part of the fun experience.  What is not so fun is when you arrive home and discover that you have brought home some unwelcome souvenirs.  A souvenir is a reminder of where you have been.  Trust me when I say, when you bring home bed bug souvenirs, you will not ever forget that fateful trip!

In today’s world, travelers must be on high alert and watch for bed bugs in every mode of public transportation and in every sleeping establishment.  Bed bugs are hitchhikers that are quite adept at hiding in the tiniest of cracks and crevices.  They have an amazing ability to sense when a good meal ticket has arrived on the scene so it is wise to be on the constant look for bed bugs.

In airplanes, bed bugs have been known to hide in the headrest covering, along the sides of the seats, under cushions, in the pillows, and in the blankets provided by the airlines.  At the very minimum, travelers should swipe their hand along the sides and back of the seat cushion and under the headrest cover in hopes of dislodging any bed bugs that could be hiding before taking a seat.

Bed bugs have also been discovered in airline cargo areas, so it is important to not bring your luggage straight inside once you arrive home.  For soft sided luggage, take a wire brush and scrub the outside of the luggage piece to dislodge any bed bugs or their eggs.  Quickly and carefully vacuum the luggage and the surrounding floor to pick up any critters that may have been dislodged.

You Can’t Cut Corners When It Comes To Bed Bugs

Fighting bed bug infestations can be a costly endeavor for any home or business owner report New Jersey pest control professionals.  Upon discovery of bed bugs, some people have made the mistake of trying to treat the infestation themselves.  Many times people try using bug bombs, yard pesticides, household pesticides, and dangerous substances such as gasoline.  Many people learn the hard way that when it comes to bed bugs, you cannot cut corners.

The Timesunion.com reported on February 2, 2012 that the director of the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority in New York cancelled the pest control contract in the summer of 2009 for the Stonequist Apartments.  The exterminator claims that the contract was previously in place for 25 years during which time he provided monthly pest control protection for cockroaches, ants, bed bugs and other types of insects.  The contract was cancelled by the director of the Housing Authority because he thought that the monthly fee could be better spent elsewhere.  The residents of the 176 unit apartment building have leases that include monthly pest control services.  Many tenants are upset because bed bugs are raging out-of-control in their building, yet until the media began to investigate this issue at Stonequist, nothing was done to eradicate the little vampires.  You may read the article here.

Without a doubt, if a bed bug infestation is found in the early stages of development and nipped in the bud, than the cost of eradication is lessened.  Allowing bed bugs to spread, either by ignoring the problem, or by not knowing the bugs are present will cause the infestation to grow out-of-control in a very short period of time.

It is critical that any home or business owner engage in hiring a licensed pest control professional at the first sign of a bed bug infestation so that treatment can commence quickly.  Allison Pest Control provides expert bed bug removal services in Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex Counties, New Jersey.

Bed Bug Bites – What To Look For Part 2 Of 2

Continuing from Friday…

From the onset, bed bug bites often look generic.  Depending on your geographic location and the time of year, you may easily discount bed bug bite marks as being from a mosquito, gnat, flea or chigger.  Although all types of bloodsuckers can cause itchiness, many people report that bed bug bite wounds are intensely itchy in comparison to others that are encountered.  It is not uncommon for bed bug bites wounds to last for longer periods of time as well.

NJ Pest Control experts report that it is a matter of debate among industry experts about the theory of bed bug bite wounds appearing in a linear group of three or four.  This pattern is often referred to as “breakfast, lunch, and dinner”.  Bed bugs are attracted by the warmth and CO2 that humans exhale.  They creep into beds on the hunt for a blood meal.  Once they find a viable target, they stab one beak into exposed skin and inject a numbing agent so they will not be detected.  They then stab their second beak into the skin to slurp blood from their victim.  Bed bug feeding time will range from 5 to 15 minutes.  During that time, some people may awake slightly or reposition themselves on their bed.  As a means of self-preservation, the bed bug will stop feeding until the victim has stopped moving, reposition itself and continue feeding again.  This behavior often results in multiple bed bug bites from the same bug in the same general location.  Bed bug bites can occur in a line or in a cluster.  There could easily be one or many bed bugs biting a victim at the same time.  NJ pest control professionals say that bed bugs are capable of abstaining from a blood meal for up to 18 months if necessary.

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to kill on your own.  These pests require the help of a NJ Pest Control professional that is trained in bed bug eradication procedures.  Allison Pest Control can help rid your home or business of bloodsucking bed bugs in Monmouth, Ocean, or Middlesex Counties, New Jersey.  Call us today!

Bed Bug Bites – What To Look For Part 1 Of 2

NJ Pest Control experts report that although bed bug complaints are slightly down in the New York City area, bed bug infestation sightings still remain high in New Jersey as well as other parts of the United States.   Despite the widespread information that has been broadcast in the media, in print, and on the internet, many people are often surprised to hear the news that bed bugs are the reason that they are awakening with red itchy bite marks each morning.

Diagnosing bed bug bites can be a difficult task for those in the medical community for a variety of reasons…

Bed bug bites are fairly new on the horizon so many doctors have not seen the bite wounds and often misdiagnose them for another type of pest bite wound, an allergic reaction, or other medical condition such as scabies.

Bed bug bites do not affect all people the same, which is why diagnosing bed bug bites can be a difficult task.  If a reaction is encountered, it is to the bed bugs saliva.  Some people have a small reaction which may look similar to a mosquito bite wound, others may have a large reaction in which a bite mark may be the size of a softball and oozing with fluid, while some people may not have any reaction at all.

It is estimated at approximately 50% of people do not have a reaction to the bed bug saliva.  Reactions could take as long as 10 days to occur which allows for people to encounter many other things/situations that they could be allergic to.  NJ Pest Control experts say that the more times that a person is bitten by a bed bug, the less lag time there will be between the biting and the time that the symptoms begin to show up.

Please check back on Monday for the conclusion.