303 Species of Insects Make Their Home in New Jersey What Are They?

Common Insects that Want to Call Your Place Home
Common Insects that Want to Call Your Place Home

While ants and termites are among the main reasons that NJ residents need Monmouth County pest control services, there are hundreds of other insects in the state. While some of these are considered beneficial to have around, others are considered pests. Some of these pests can increase the risk of health problems, while others can cause damage to homes.

These are some of the insect species found in NJ:

• Bees and ants: NJ has more than 30 species of bees and ants, including American bumble bees, baldfaced hornets, carpenter ants, Eastern carpenter bees, formica ants, honey bees, paper wasps, red pavement ants, sweat bees and yellow jackets.

• Beetles: NJ has more than 50 types of beetles, including acorn weevils, Asian multicolored lady beetles, broad-necked root borers, emerald ash borers, Japanese beetles, May beetles, red oak borers and soldier beetles.

• Butterflies and moths: More than 50 types make their home in NJ, including American lady butterflies, black swallowtails, giant leopard moths, luna moths and monarch butterflies.

• Other bugs: NJ is also home to several other bug species, including bed bugs, aphids, giant water bugs, green stink bugs, oak treehoppers, wheel bugs and yucca plant bugs.

No matter what type of insect pest you have in your NJ home, it’s important to contact our Monmouth County pest control experts. Allison Pest Control has the experience and equipment needed to handle all kinds of bug infestations.