Tag: Nuisance Insects

  • Ants Inside and Rain – There Is a Connection

    Many species of ants in NJ do just fine living outdoors and building nests in the ground or in other areas outside. However, rainy weather can force these pests to enter residential buildings. Find out more about the connection between an increase in rainy weather and a higher chance of having an indoor ant problem […]

  • News Flash: Mosquitoes and the West Nile Disease

    It’s that time of year when mosquitoes come out in full force and will probably require NJ pest control services to keep them under control. In addition to leaving itchy bites and welts, these pests can pose another risk. They can transmit West Nile virus to people through their bites. Mild Cases West Nile virus […]

  • What You Need to Know About Ants, One of Our Most Common NJ Summertime Pests

    Ants, one of the most common pests you will find during the summer, are also one of the least understood by people. Ants actually live in a complex social structure which allows them to exist throughout the world. Social Structure All ants in a colony will fall into one of three roles, a worker, a […]

  • 303 Species of Insects Make Their Home in New Jersey What Are They?

    While ants and termites are among the main reasons that NJ residents need Monmouth County pest control services, there are hundreds of other insects in the state. While some of these are considered beneficial to have around, others are considered pests. Some of these pests can increase the risk of health problems, while others can […]