Year-Round Pests Continue To Plague NJ Residents


Pavement Ants
Pavement Ants

NJ Pest Control professionals encounter all types of pests during the warm summer months.  Once the weather begins to turn frigid, many once active insects die off or make their way into locations to spend the cold winter months.  Some pests are alive and well hiding under siding, wall voids, in attics, under leaf litter, or deep underground.  Unbeknownst to some New Jersey residents, different pests may even enter homes to seek shelter from the chilly temperatures.

The few warmer days on the east coast have brought some stink bugs out of their winter hiding spots.  New Jersey residents have found sporadic stink bugs basking in the warmth of the sun on window sills and walls or bouncing around light fixtures.  The first signs of spring will certainly bring these stinky pests back out in full force and residents should be prepared to call a NJ Pest Control professional to kill off the buggers.

Ants continue to be a problem pest for many New Jersey residents.  Hiding under leaf litter, these pests are easily disturbed by the blower or rake.  Once disturbed, they are often found marching into New Jersey homes looking for food and a new place to make their nests.

Mice can withstand the cold New Jersey winters in the nesting sites they make outdoors, but given the opportunity to join our human habitats is an invitation that they often cannot refuse.  Seeking warmth, shelter, food and water, mice will not leave your home once they have moved indoors.  To make matters worse, these pesky invaders leave a pheromone trail to other mice inviting them to join them in your abode.  A single pair of fertile mice will multiply out-of-control before the winters end.  Besides being dirty, mice are known to transmit various diseases to humans.  Mice infestations should be handled by a licensed pest control expert.

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