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  • A Mouse in the House Is Never Alone

    There is no such thing as one mouse — at least not for long! Mice are prolific breeders. Mice reach maturity in just 35 days. Pregnancies last 20 days with litters averaging six pups. Since female mice can have about eight litters each year, a single mouse can increase the local rodent population by nearly […]

  • The Dangers Of Mice And Rat Poop

    Mice are somewhat adorable to look at but when they invade a home or business they can be quite problematic.  Seeking the warmth of human dwellings and the plentiful supply of food and water, mice survive and multiply easily once they have come inside report Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals. If you live near […]

  • Pest Concerns Are High Across The United States

    During the winter months it’s easy to believe that our homes are pest free.  The winter months are only a brief reprieve from most home invading pests.  As the spring arrives, so do a multitude of annoying and dangerous home and property invaders.  It is no surprise that the warmer winter weather has sparked an […]

  • Mice Eradication By A Pest Control Expert In Monmouth County, NJ

    Don’t be fooled by their soft fur, big eyes, and oversized ears.  The house mouse is nothing like those cartoon or Disney characters that you love to see on television and the big screen!  Mice that infest your home or business can be a problem. Pest control experts in Monmouth County, NJ say that there […]

  • More Insects Expected for 2012…Oh No!

    For most parts of the United States, it has been a strange winter thus far.  Many locations that typically are under a deep freeze for what seems like endless months have enjoyed a mild, almost non-existent winter season for 2011-2012. The Valley Breeze Newspapers reported on February 28, 2012 that more insects should be expected this […]

  • Year-Round Pests Continue To Plague NJ Residents

      NJ Pest Control professionals encounter all types of pests during the warm summer months.  Once the weather begins to turn frigid, many once active insects die off or make their way into locations to spend the cold winter months.  Some pests are alive and well hiding under siding, wall voids, in attics, under leaf […]