Mice Eradication By A Pest Control Expert In Monmouth County, NJ

Don’t be fooled by their soft fur, big eyes, and oversized ears.  The house mouse is nothing like those cartoon or Disney characters that you love to see on television and the big screen!  Mice that infest your home or business can be a problem.

Pest control experts in Monmouth County, NJ say that there is no such thing as having just one mouse.  If breeding conditions are right, a pair of fertile mice will breed at an alarming rate.  Each pair of mice can have up to 12 babies in their litter.  Those babies are able to reproduce in about 7 weeks.  The amount of babies that just one pair of mice can produce in their lifetime is mind boggling.  If allowed to live, in a matter of months, it is not uncommon for 2 fertile mice to turn into 250 mice running throughout your home.

Mice constantly dribble urine and leave feces wherever they travel.  All rodent waste is hazardous to humans as it contains pathogens that can cause mild to severe problems.  Hantavirus is one virus that everyone should be mindful of if mice are present.  People become infected with the virus when they accidently encounter or mishandle Hantavirus infected feces, urine, or infected rodents.

Hantavirus was first recognized in the United States when it was discovered that several people from the “4 Corners” area of New Mexico died unexpectedly.  Further investigation from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention revealed that many other people had also become very ill during the same timeframe.  It was soon realized that the extensive mice population was the cause of the Hantavirus which eventually lead to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS).  On October of 2011, FoxNews.com reported that a Wyoming man had died from HPS.

Disease causing pests should not be allowed to roam throughout your home. Don’t let mice have the opportunity to breed; contact Allison Pest Control for fast mice removal services.