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  • Woman Claims Mouse Attacked Her at a Hackensack NJ Home Depot Store

    Despite their small size, mice can be a huge problem for homeowners in NJ. Our NJ pest control company deals with many cases of mouse infestations. For one woman in Hackensack, a mouse became an ongoing problem that has ended up leading to a lawsuit. Mouse Attack A 58-year-old Hackensack woman filed a lawsuit after […]

  • Keep Mice Away with Help from Allison Pest Control

    It’s common for rats and mice to seek shelter in nearby homes when cold weather comes, but they can be even more of a problem during or after wet weather. Having a lot of rain allows grass to grow more quickly, which gives rodents a place to hide from predators. This can lead to higher […]

  • Do You Know the Differences Between Rats and Mice?

    While mice and rats can both cause problems for homeowners, there are several differences between the two. If you have rodents in your home but aren’t sure which kind, consider the following differences between house mice and Norway rats. These are the most common types of rodent pests found in homes. Size House mice are […]

  • NJ Mice Squeeze Into Your Home Through Impossibly Small Holes

    Mice have been pests for as long as humans have lived in buildings. They will foul food supplies, leave feces around on counters, in cabinets and on the floor, and they can destroy such things as wiring in the walls with their constant gnawing. Try as we might, it may seem almost impossible to keep […]

  • Is It a Rat or a Mouse? How to Know

    It’s dusk and you see something small and dark scurrying across the floor of your garage, deck, backyard patio, or one of the rooms in your home. You don’t have an indoor or outdoor pet, it isn’t a flying squirrel, and you don’t have any critters that may have gotten loose from their pen like […]

  • What Steps Should You Take Now to Prevent Mice from Moving In?

    As the nights turn frosty, mice start looking for a cozy place to hole up for the winter. Your Monmouth County, NJ home offers these furry, four-legged pests a warm and inviting place to set up housekeeping. If mice start nibbling around your home, NJ pest control experts recommend yanking up the welcome mat – […]