Do You Know the Differences Between Rats and Mice?

There is a difference
There is a difference

While mice and rats can both cause problems for homeowners, there are several differences between the two. If you have rodents in your home but aren’t sure which kind, consider the following differences between house mice and Norway rats. These are the most common types of rodent pests found in homes.


House mice are smaller than Norway rats. Adult mice are typically up to 4 inches long with tails that are also a few inches long. Adult rats can grow up to 11 inches long and usually have tails that are between 7 and 9 inches long.

Physical Appearance

House mice have smaller ears, heads and feet than Norway rats. Their heads also have a more slender shape with a pointy nose. Norway rats have thicker heads and bodies with bigger ears and feet.


One of the best ways to tell whether you have mice or rats in your home is to look for droppings. Mouse droppings are smaller and thinner than rat droppings.

Whether you have rats or mice, it’s important to have professional Freehold exterminators handle them. This lowers the risk of health hazards, such as the spread of disease, and damage to your home.

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