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Deadly Virus that Infects Pets Now Found in Northern NJ

Don't let your beloved pet catch this serious disease from wild animals!
Don’t let your beloved pet catch this serious disease from wild animals!

A dangerous bacterial disease called leptospirosis has made an appearance in New Jersey that is infecting dogs. So far, five canines have been diagnosed with this potentially fatal disease.

About Leptospirosis

What is known about the disease is the urine of wild animals seems to be the source of transmission. This can lead to infected water sources such as ponds and puddles where the water supports the bacteria’s lifespan.

Signs Your Dog May be Infected

If your dog has access to wooded areas where mud and standing water are prevalent or is allowed to swim in ponds, he or she may be at risk of contracting the disease. Observe your dog for these signs:

– Loss of appetite

– Lack of energy

– Fever

– Frequent urination

– Inability to urinate

– Vomiting

– Nosebleeds

If infected, it could result in your pup suffering from kidney damage, liver failure, meningitis, and death.

Should your dog exhibit any of these symptoms, it’s recommended that you take your dog to the vet for testing. It’s also recommended that dog owners schedule a visit with their primary physician as leptospirosis is transmittable to humans.

Pest control in Ocean County NJ is available with a variety of services, including rodent and wildlife control, both of which are participants in generating leptospirosis.

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NJ House Mouse Reproduction – There’s Never Just One!

There's Never Just One! Mice and Rats Bring Disease Indoors
There’s Never Just One! Mice and Rats Bring Disease Indoors

Perhaps you’re sitting in your living room, watching television, and you see a mouse. That night, you set a trap and in the morning, you catch him. Your problem is solved, right? Unfortunately, it’s not. House mice can reproduce at an alarming rate, and there’s never going to be just one. Not to worry, though, because your Monmouth County pest control specialists are here to save the day.

How Fast do House Mice Reproduce?

The gestation period for mice is between 19 and 21 days. When females give birth, they have five or six young. When you do the math, you’ll see that they can have as many as 10 litters a year. As soon as three weeks after birth, the babies are ready to venture out from the nest. This all means that it doesn’t take long before they can overrun your home.

Preventing Mice and Getting Rid of an Infestation

It’s hard to prevent mice from entering your home. They can squeeze through the smallest of spaces, in their search for food and shelter. If you find a mouse, you can be certain you have a family of them lurking somewhere. It’s best to take care of an infestation before it gets out of hand.

As your Monmouth County pest control specialists, at Allison Pest Control, we know just what to do. No one wants to live with mice. Contact us for help!


Fall Pest-Proofing for New Jersey Homeowners – Part One

Fall Pest Proofing Tips
Fall Pest Proofing Tips

The fall season is upon us, and many pests are just getting started with terrorizing NJ families and homes. As your Ocean County pest control company, we feel it’s our duty to help you pest-proof your home as fall approaches. We’d like to give you some ways you can keep your home pest-free in this two-part series.

Pest Proofing Tips You Can Use Right Away

There are ways you can protect your home from a pest invasion this fall. You should:

• Close up any holes on the exterior of your home. This might include screening your chimney, checking for gaps around windows and doors, and even closing up your animal entrance doors.

• Make sure any attics, crawl spaces or basements are dry. Many pests love moist spots, and this will deter them.

• Check spaces where utility pipes may enter your home. Seal up any holes to prevent mice from entering.

• Keep your kitchen as clean as you possibly can. Clean up spills as they happen.

• Check for loose mortar around windows and your home’s foundation. Make repairs as needed.

Help From Your Ocean County Pest Control Company

There’s a lot more you can do to protect your home from unwanted pests this fall. Check back here for the second part in this blog series. As always, here at Allison Pest Control you are our top priority. If you need Ocean County pest control contact us!

Love Your Pets, But Hate the Disease They May Carry

Beware of Diseases Your Pets May Carry

Your pets give you a lot of joy. In fact, studies have even shown that having a pet has been proven to significantly reduce blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and cholesterol levels. So, not only does your pet keep you from being lonely, but he or she may also help keep you healthy.

Unfortunately, there are some downfalls with having pets too, and these are things you might not have thought of when you brought yours home. Pets can transmit diseases to humans, but these diseases can be prevented if you know what to look for, and what to do. For example:

• Your dog may go on long walks with you, but beware of ticks, which can easily be brought back into your home and attach to you, spreading Lyme disease.

• Salmonella can live in the intestines of animals, and it can be spread through their feces.

• Rodents often carry the LCM virus, which can lead to flu-like symptoms, and perhaps even worse health issues.

• Birds can carry and spread Cryptococcus, which is a fungus associated with their droppings. It can cause pneumonia-like symptoms in humans.

Here at Allison Pest Control, we’re considered the best NJ exterminator, and because we’re the best NJ exterminator, it’s our job to inform you of these issues. Many illnesses can be prevented with proper pest control methods. Please contact us if you have a pest control problem in your home.

How to Pest-Proof Your NJ Home Before the First Snow

Rodents Want to Make Your Home Their Home in the Cold Weather Months
Pest Proof Before The Snow Falls

When cold weather sets in, some species of bugs look for warm areas to spend the winter. Pest control companies in Freehold can deal with these bugs, but you can also take steps yourself to prevent them from becoming a problem. Keep the following pests at bay before the first snow of the season.

  • Stink bugs: Carefully remove any stink bugs you see without crushing them. If they are crushed, they will emit a foul odor. Seal up cracks to prevent them from getting inside your home.
  • Ladybird beetles: Vacuum up any you find in your home, but be careful not to crush them since they can leave stains and odors behind. Caulk cracks and openings to keep them out of your home.
  • Boxelder bugs: Vacuum up any you find in your home, and close up any openings that they can get in through.
  • Cluster flies: Set up fly paper to catch any that are flying around your home. Seal gaps or cracks that they can exploit in order to get inside your home and stay over for the winter. Keep in mind that these pests can gather in large groups.

If you have any of these or other overwintering pests in your home, give Allison Pest Control a call. As one of the leading pest control companies in Freehold, we can eliminate these pests from your home.

How Do NJ Pests Survive in Winter?

Pests During the Winter
Pests During the Winter

Pest control companies in Freehold never get a chance to rest, even during the colder winter months when most people think they’re able to get a reprieve from dealing with pests. While there are some insects (such as bees and hornets) that go away during the winter, for other pests, the fun is just beginning.

Ways NJ Pests Survive Winter

Each insect is different. As far as how they make it through the winter they will typically do one of the following:

• Burrowing deep down into the ground

• Building nests deep underground where the temperatures remain at about 55 degrees

• By going into diapause, which is a type of hibernation

• By moving into your NJ home to wait out the winter

Watch Out for Winter Pests

Winter is typically cold in New Jersey, but over the past few years, we’ve had some relatively warm winter days that have brought insects and pests out of hiding. When this happens, you’re likely to see a resurgence, and the chances of their entering your home increases.

Now is the time to get professional help from one of the best pest control companies in Freehold. By acting now, you can protect your family and your property from pests, and you’ll even be ahead of the game when the warmer weather is here to stay in the spring. Allison Pest Control can help. Please contact us!