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Three Big Problems Mice Can Cause

Will You Still Think Them Cute When You Catch a Disease from Them?
Will You Still Think Them Cute When You Catch a Disease from Them?

To some, mice might seem like adorable little critters that won’t do much harm in your home, but there’s a reason why homeowners seek NJ mouse control services. These small rodents can cause a number of problems. The sooner you deal with a mouse infestation, the lower your risk is of having these problems.

Health Problems

Mice carry infectious diseases that can make you and your family sick. Some of the diseases they spread include listeria and salmonellosis. Their urine and droppings can also trigger allergic reactions and even raise the risk of asthma in kids.

Fire Hazards

Mice often chew on wires inside the walls of your home as they go about making their nest and running around looking for food. This can create a fire hazard when the insulation becomes broken and frayed. Mice can also ruin other parts of your home by chewing through wall insulation and wallboards.

Food Contamination

Mice have many ways of getting into the food you keep in your cupboards and pantry. They can chew through boxes and get inside bags, making it necessary for you to throw out your food supplies. Store food in airtight containers that mice can’t get into, and keep crumbs and garbage out of your kitchen.

Don’t let these cute critters fool you into thinking they’re harmless. Contact Allison Pest Control for safe and effective NJ mouse control for your home.

Tips on Getting Your Home Ready for Fall Pests

Keeping The Pests Out
Keeping The Pests Out

The arrival of cooler weather in fall doesn’t just keep people indoors more. Pests also look for warm places where they can safely spend the colder months. You can lower your risk of having bugs or rodents in your home this fall with these pest control tips.

• Look for cracks and gaps in your home’s exterior. If you find any, seal them up to prevent pests from getting in. Don’t forget to seal the gaps around pipes on the outside of your home.

• Keep stacks of firewood away from your home’s exterior to discourage termites, mice and other pests from getting close to your house. Firewood should be no closer than 20 feet away from your home.

• Put food in containers that pests can’t get into, such as plastic airtight ones. This helps keep pests from entering your home in search of food and sticking around if they find any. Also, empty your garbage on a regular basis to keep pests at bay.

• Replace damaged screens on your windows and doors. Pests can easily get in through rips or tears.

• Have a Freehold exterminator come to your home for a pre-winter inspection and to identify any vulnerabilities you may have.

If you do end up with a pest problem, contact Allison Pest Control for help. We’ll send a Freehold exterminator to your home to handle any pest infestations you have.

Keep Mice Out of Your Home This Fall

Keep Mice Out
Keep Mice Out

Before you know it, the weather will be cooling off and fall will be here. During this time, mice start to look for warm places to spend the fall and winter. Use the following NJ mouse control tips to keep these pests out of your home.

• Double check doors and windows. These areas offer the easiest ways for mice to get into your home. Keep in mind that these rodents are able to squeeze through tiny cracks and make their way inside walls. Look around door and window frames for any gaps or cracks, and use caulk or weatherstripping to seal them up.

• Maintain a tidy garden. If you have a garden that’s close to your home’s exterior, get rid of weeds and keep plants, shrubs, and bushes trimmed to eliminate hiding places for mice. These pests can dart into your home quickly from these hiding places when you open the door.

• Seal up exterior cracks. Check around your home’s exterior for cracks and any other small openings that mice can use to get inside. Sealing will not only keep mice from getting in, this will also keep your home warmer during the winter months.

If you already have a mouse problem in your home, contact Allison Pest Control. Our NJ mouse control experts can eliminate these rodents from your home, so they won’t invade your food supplies or spread disease.

Using Drones to Scare Pests Away

Squirrels May Carry the Plague!
Scare Those Pests Away

Keeping pests out of your garden or off your property in general can be a challenge. Without help from Toms River pest control professionals, these pests can end up damaging your yard. In order to protect outdoor areas from potential pests, one company has taken a novel approach that involves using modern technology.

Bird-X, a pest control company that focuses on keeping bird nuisances away from golf courses, farmlands and other outdoor areas, has recently started using drones for this purpose. The ProHawk UAV is a remote controlled flying device that’s designed to look like birds of prey. This design has been highly effective at scaring smaller birds away from areas where they might cause trouble. The drone can be launched on its own, and it’s also able to patrol outdoor areas and land on its own. This makes it a more convenient way to monitor and deter pests, since it requires less manpower overall. The ProHawk UAV has GPS technology that allows the user to program certain flight paths. It also emits sounds that resemble the calls of predators, making it even more effective at frightening pests away.

If you have rodents or insect pests on your property, contact Allison Pest Control. Our Toms River pest control professionals don’t use drones, but we do have other effective techniques for eliminating pests, so they won’t cause damage.

Keeping Self-Storage Units Pest-Free

Keep Those Pests Out
Keep Those Pests Out

Self-storage units provide a place for people to store belongings or other items they don’t need or have room for in their homes.

The disadvantage to these units is that they can be prone to attracting pests under certain conditions. Self-storage operators should rely on professional pest control in Freehold NJ to make sure their units are free of pests. This helps protect customers’ storage items and damage to self-storage units.

Infestations can happen when pests are accidentally brought in with stored items. Since many self-storage units are left closed for long periods of time, these pests can quickly multiply and create a big problem.

Some types of pests can also move from one unit to another through the tiniest of openings, such as cockroaches and mice. Self-storage operators have the responsibility of keeping these units pest-free for their customers, but this can be difficult to do without professional help.

Hiring pest control experts helps ensure that infestations are handled in a safe manner and steps are taken in order to prevent more from occurring. Pest control professionals can also perform routine inspections and use preventive methods to lower the risk of ever having any infestations in self-storage units.

If you’re having trouble with insects, rodents or other pests in your home, please contact Allison Pest Control. We offer safe and effective pest control in Freehold NJ.

Fighting Pests with Drones and Body Cameras

Allison Pest Control
Quality Pest Control

Getting rid of pests is an important job, but it’s one that comes with certain risks. Pests that are in areas that are hard to reach can make it dangerous for pest control professionals to deal with them. A pest control firm in Singapore is taking steps to reduce these risks by using technology.

PestBusters in Singapore is putting drones and body cameras to use in order to make it safer for its pest control technicians to do their jobs. Drones are being used to check for signs of pest infestations in high areas or other places that are very difficult to access, such as gutters. PestBusters is also using them to apply pesticides in these areas, so that technicians do not have to climb up ladders to reach them. Body cameras are being used to allow supervisors to train several technicians in the field to help ensure that pest control procedures are done safely and correctly.

These high-tech solutions to pest control can help improve safety among professionals in this industry. While our NJ pest control company isn’t using these methods at this time, we do have other methods of providing safe and effective treatment for pest infestations.

When you have pests in or around your home, contact Allison Pest Control as soon as possible. Our NJ pest control experts can rid your home of insects, rodents and other types of pests.