Keeping Self-Storage Units Pest-Free

Keep Those Pests Out
Keep Those Pests Out

Self-storage units provide a place for people to store belongings or other items they don’t need or have room for in their homes.

The disadvantage to these units is that they can be prone to attracting pests under certain conditions. Self-storage operators should rely on professional pest control in Freehold NJ to make sure their units are free of pests. This helps protect customers’ storage items and damage to self-storage units.

Infestations can happen when pests are accidentally brought in with stored items. Since many self-storage units are left closed for long periods of time, these pests can quickly multiply and create a big problem.

Some types of pests can also move from one unit to another through the tiniest of openings, such as cockroaches and mice. Self-storage operators have the responsibility of keeping these units pest-free for their customers, but this can be difficult to do without professional help.

Hiring pest control experts helps ensure that infestations are handled in a safe manner and steps are taken in order to prevent more from occurring. Pest control professionals can also perform routine inspections and use preventive methods to lower the risk of ever having any infestations in self-storage units.

If you’re having trouble with insects, rodents or other pests in your home, please contact Allison Pest Control. We offer safe and effective pest control in Freehold NJ.