Fighting Pests with Drones and Body Cameras

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Getting rid of pests is an important job, but it’s one that comes with certain risks. Pests that are in areas that are hard to reach can make it dangerous for pest control professionals to deal with them. A pest control firm in Singapore is taking steps to reduce these risks by using technology.

PestBusters in Singapore is putting drones and body cameras to use in order to make it safer for its pest control technicians to do their jobs. Drones are being used to check for signs of pest infestations in high areas or other places that are very difficult to access, such as gutters. PestBusters is also using them to apply pesticides in these areas, so that technicians do not have to climb up ladders to reach them. Body cameras are being used to allow supervisors to train several technicians in the field to help ensure that pest control procedures are done safely and correctly.

These high-tech solutions to pest control can help improve safety among professionals in this industry. While our NJ pest control company isn’t using these methods at this time, we do have other methods of providing safe and effective treatment for pest infestations.

When you have pests in or around your home, contact Allison Pest Control as soon as possible. Our NJ pest control experts can rid your home of insects, rodents and other types of pests.