Pests Like Your Home All Year Long

As the warm weather begins to fade away so do so many of the bothersome pests that New Jersey pest control professionals have been providing treatment for.  Despite the slow-down of mosquitoes, yellow jackets, and flies, many pests are still lurking around your New Jersey home just waiting for their opportunity to gain access for the winter months.  Some pests even continue to exist outdoors, despite the frigid New Jersey temperatures.

Termite colonies remain active year round.  In New Jersey, subterranean termites typically move deeper into the ground during the colder months so that they can gain access to the warmth that they need to survive.  These destructive pests tend to forage closer to their nesting site during the winter months.

Ants survive the winter months by building nests in soil and invading homes.  They frequently build nests behind baseboards, countertops, moldings, in cabinets, and in wall voids.  Damage from ants will vary.  Most types of ant species are considered to be a nuisance pest.  Some ants require immediate treatment by a New Jersey pest control professional because of the dangers they pose. The Pharaoh Ant is known to transmit Staphylococcus and the carpenter ant builds its nest in moist or rotting wood causing destruction.

Mice are a year-round pest for New Jersey homeowners, but become a particular problem as the cooler temperature arrives. Mice can squeeze their body into a tiny space about the size of a dime.  Once indoors they will gnaw into any type of food substances that they encounter.  Mice are known disease carriers that contaminate food and preparation areas with their feces, urine and saliva.
A qualified New Jersey pest control professional can help you keep these pests from invading your home, becoming a nuisance, and causing damage.  Allison Pest Control will gladly provide you with a free pest inspection to identify what type of treatment is the best option for you.